Information Technology

Podcast Software SanDisk

By Justin Clark on 08/28/2012

While SanDisk may not be as well known as say Apple, Amazon, or Microsoft, it is in fact at the forefront of the technological revolution. The Podcast SanDisk takes full advantage of the pushes in flash memory storage. Mobile Technology has taken the first world by storm, and from small town USA to Belgium, consumers are

Searches in Dogpile to any site using Google fails

By Evan Hughes on 08/21/2012

I hat to tell you this, but the three biggest search engines on the net, namely Google, Yahoo, and Bing, by their very nature possess basically zero privacy. This is especially the case when dealing with the 500 lb gorilla, Google. The amount of information that Google deals with, and all the money and logistics involved, has slowly but surely turned it into something amazing, yet that is more of a

Hack Oron Download Limit

By Eric Fisher on 08/20/2012

Do you download a lot of files from the web? I'll bet you do. As you probably know, Oron is a file hosting company that allows people to store and share all types of files online, and it can be used to back up computers as well. This information can be downloaded from any computer, meaning all of your information is available on the go. Many people have complained of the

Can Other People See Where You Go if you use Wifi?

By David Convington on 08/09/2012

Along with new hi-tech advancements comes a price of personal liberty. For example, consumers wonder to themselves, “Can other people see where you go if you use Wifi?” From pre-crime technologies making their appearance in New York, to big-brother legislation passing through on Capitol Hill, modern individuals of the western world are

You Are Welcome to Post Anonymously by Entering a Nickname With No Password

By Richard Quinn on 07/20/2012

Anonymity is becoming more and more important as our Internet privacy is continually being threatened. Most people do not want to share personal information when contributing and commenting on websites, so some sites will say that you are welcome to post anonymously by entering a nickname with no password. This is obviously ideal for shy people in