Road Conditions On Highway 29 From Kansas City, MO To Omaha, NE

By Rick Thompson on 08/21/2012

Are you planning a big trip or getaway? Not many people think about it beforehand, but if you are going on a long trip it's never a bad idea to check out the road conditions along the path you are traveling. This was once difficult or impossible, but today news, traffic, and weather conditions are being broadcast from every part of the country. As I was pleased to find out, you can now assess the road conditions on highway 29 from Kansas City, MO, to Omaha, NE on a number of websites.

You should start your search with, the official Missouri government travel webpage. You can use this to get a detailed and current report on the road conditions on highway 29 from Kansas City, MO to Omaha, NE for the majority of your trip. This map contains information about work zones, where the road is closed, where delays are possible, and weather conditions. You can even see where traffic cameras are located throughout the road, if you like to know that kind of thing. Current road conditions are displayed on a text scroller at the bottom of the page.

Nebraska has a very similar interactive map on its government travel website, Dor.State.NE.US/rca/. This site features an interactive map of Nebraska, displaying the major roads. You can easily see the road conditions on highway 29 from Kansas City, MO to Omaha, NE at the end of your journey. You can turn on and off several types of event indicators – incidents, congestion, closure, events/info, restrictions, hazards, special conditions, and construction. If you would like special or specific information, a number is provided that you can call for travel information.

The US Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration maintains a page on National Traffic and Road Closure Information. It provides it's own traffic and weather reports, on a national and state level. You can find out about the highway and throughway systems, and it also contains links to detailed information on every state, with their official government pages but also non-government news, traffic, and weather sources.

If you don't trust the government, there are a number of other sites you can use to learn about road conditions on highway 29 from Kansas City, MO to Omaha, NE. will give you traffic conditions and other useful information for your drive, such as the distance (183 miles), approximate drive time (two and a half hours), the time you will spend delayed, and the average speed you will travel (72 mph). It is updated very frequently, and you can refresh the information yourself. is a very flashy site with tons of news information about road conditions. It only provides data for cities, but focuses on key routes in and out of them. You can expect to find traffic, construction, and weather conditions here, as well as news of any car accidents or closings.

By the way, in case you are curious, at the time of this writing the road conditions on highway 29 from Kansas City, MO to Omaha, NE are currently quite good. You do not need to expect any delays from weather, construction, or major traffic accidents.

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