Domain Age, Yahoo Indexed Pages, & Alexa Backlinks

By John Louis on 09/08/2012

Domain age, Yahoo indexed pages, and Alexa backlinks are all great tools to see how effective a website is in terms of search engine optimization. This article will break down the three separate issues, the first of which is domain age. Yahoo indexed pages and alexa backlinks will be tackled in brief during the second part to give a well

Inbox Mailer Your Email Your Name Subject Reply to Attach File php

By Paul Donnelly on 08/15/2012

Inbox mailer, your email, your name, subject, reply to, attach file php: what do these terms really mean? Current estimates of web usage predict more than a third of the human species inside the next decade. Those projections are based on current growth statistics in online activity. How can any eBusiness moving forward expect to speak with

Use Your Degree to Teach Marketing

By Charles Morris on 10/17/2011

You can use your degree to teach marketing.  Because there will always be a need to pitch products and services to the public, corporations and governments, there will also always be a need for those who can teach marketing to the next generation of marketers.