Domain Age, Yahoo Indexed Pages, & Alexa Backlinks

By John Louis on 09/08/2012

Domain age, Yahoo indexed pages, and Alexa backlinks are all great tools to see how effective a website is in terms of search engine optimization. This article will break down the three separate issues, the first of which is domain age. Yahoo indexed pages and alexa backlinks will be tackled in brief during the second part to give a well rounded view of where things may be heading.

Domain Age

It shocks most people when they find out that by far the majority of web pages on the net are less than a year old. Most fall by the wayside within a matter of months. It’s no wonder that search engines consider age to be one of the highest determining factors in ranking.

This is why a long term investment of time approach is best when it comes to developing a website. The longer a site is around, the more information can be gathered and indexed, and the better it looks. Legitimacy and inbound marketing are becoming a force to be reckoned with as spam is being cut down in every respect.

Indexed Search Engine Pages

Checking search engines for indexed pages can be another great tool to see how well a website is obtaining digital exposure. Obviously, if one goes to Yahoo and looks for their site and finds nothing, this isn’t good. Google pays attention to other search engines, and if web crawlers sense that their competitors want nothing to do with a site, they will also typically dock it as well.


Along with domain age and yahoo indexed pages, alexa backlinks are becoming the lifeblood of the internet. They were first created as a means of carving pathways to a site, but these days they have become a tool with which to help a site rank. The more backlinks a site has, the more legitimate they look to companies like Google and Bing. By using sites like, people can get an idea of how many backlinks their site is earning through SEO or social media.

While there are tons of paid backlinks services thriving, in the future this could be severely cut down. Every month the internet becomes less about overt commercialism, and more about user experience with inbound marketing layered underneath. Backlinks are technically supposed to be created through social media and sharing, which they are, but the brunt is still paid for through sites like

The SEO Road Ahead

Taking the time to look at a site’s domain age, yahoo indexed pages, and alexa backlinks is a worthwhile venture. These three things can give in-depth information of how well a site is performing. If the site is young, with no indexed pages, or many backlinks, the ranking is going to be low.

All too often people would rather scrap a site and begin anew, which is counterproductive when it comes to a domain age. Yahoo indexed pages and alexa backlinks can be enhanced outright with proper SEO application, along with a long list of other tools and web mastering techniques. Instead of trashing a site for poor ranking, it’s much better to stick with it and make the right adjustments. Websites should evolve, and that’s exactly what search engines are increasingly looking for.

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