Powered by: Fudforum, Fudforum Bulletin Board Software

By Scott Bennett on 08/12/2012

Older outbound marketing techniques have been replaced by much more socially acceptable inbound ones. These days providing an avenue from social media networking streams and blogs into real-time and user friendly forums is crucial to generating discussion and free advertising.

Being powered by: Fudforum, Fudforum bulletin board software as time passes becomes more of a dwindling opportunity. While more than a third of the human species is projected to be online soon, the digital sphere is breaking into tight niche groups of all kinds. Quickly the leaders in the genre head to the top and stay there. Typically these leaders employ Fudforum technology. The time is now to chomp at the bit and secure a slice of the pie.

7 Hard Hitting Features of Fudforums

It’s time to let your user-fed online discussions be powered by: Fudforum. Fudforum bulletin board software includes the following features:

• There is absolutely no limit to the amount of traditional options in bulletin boards. These include active and inactive members, autonomous forums, posts, threads, and user friendly attachments.
• Like other blogging platforms, Fudforum is fully customizable. Additionally, like WordPress or Blogger, everything is based on templates.
• Perhaps one of the most important features of being powered by: Fudforum and Fudforum bulletin board software is the fact that their URLs are search engine friendly, meaning massive potential for exposure.
• For trolls and spammers, there are blacklisting options, and also the ability to block IP’s for the ones that won’t give up.
• Users can create and use their own avatars, send each other private messages within the software, and even create polls to accentuate threads.
• Extensive choices for moderators and administrators to keep the forum clean and tidy, promoting better user experience.
• Through the Fudforum community, new plugins become available all the time, enhancing and elevating the functionality of the software.

Being powered by: Fudforum, Fudforum bulletin board software really means taking part in the free open source internet revolution. From music and photography, to ebooks and Hollywood blockbusters, the free market forces that drive the online economy are vastly different than in the real world. In the near future the entire system could reorganize causing fiat currencies, fractional banking, and credit expansion to all but disappear.

Online groups and communities are becoming powerhouse marketing forces that determine the fate of brands, ecommerce start-ups, emerging technologies, and mobile apps. By developing a product or service that’s powered by: Fudforum, Fudforum bulletin board software businesses are ensuring they have a stake in the direction 21st century consumerism is leading.

There’s no need to go searching for reviews, because it’s already been decided, Fudforum is a pioneer that isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s expanding and will continue to do so. Because of its versatility and openness to programmers, it’s going to mold itself around the times as they progress forward. Look into Fudforum today and take advantage of the user generated tips, guides, and helpful resources.

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