Tips and Techniques for Painting

By Kristin Washington on 08/14/2011

Painting is a fun, rewarding, and fulfilling hobby or career for anyone, although it takes a great deal of practice and study to master. It can take years to become a truly good painter, even if you start out with a natural talent from the beginning. But despite its challenges, knowing how to paint is worth it, and even the process of learning can be fun. That process can be made a whole lot easier, however, if you know a few easy painting techniques.

The first tip to remember about painting is that the right brush is one of the most important choices you can make. You can know all the easy painting techniques in the world, but without the right brush the knowledge is much less useful. Don’t be afraid to spend a bit more on getting a high quality brush, because the brush determines to outcome of the final painting in a great way. (Also extremely important to a painting is the quality of the paint. No amount of easy painting techniques will help you out if your paint is too thin, runny, or crack and dries improperly.)

One of the most important easy painting techniques is getting the perspective right, accurately measuring and capturing perspective, especially in a realistic painting. Obviously it’s less important for an abstract painting, but even in certain kind of abstracts perspective is important. Get your perspective right or else the picture will come out skewed and awkward.

Another one of the easy painting techniques every painter should employ is the underpainting of the canvas. Underpainting gets rid of the white tone, which might cause you to paint an area only to fill up the white space, and allows more creativity in your picture.

The third and final painting tip is to not worry about finishing your painting within a certain amount of time. This of all the easy painting techniques is most important, because without it you end up with a rushed and unsatisfactory picture. Take breaks often, and step away from the painting until you can come back with a fresh and renewed view on it.