Submit a Comment for this Photo View Slideshow

By Steve Lawrence on 09/09/2012

As the online world becomes increasingly visual, it’s too easy for people to browse and scan around reading things like, “submit a comment for this photo view slideshow” and do nothing about it.

The truth is that in most cases, great photographs online come in sets, not all alone. One of the best ways to see more of what a certain artist has, is to leave a comment asking for it. The second part of this sentence, “submit a comment for this photo view slideshow,” should tell anyone right away to start clicking the little arrow pointing to the left or right.

The Best Types of Comments for Photographs

• Typically, whenever a photo gets lots of attention, especially in places like, there’s far too much flattery. Everyone knows that it looks great, but why? The best comments are those that explain in detail, why a photograph is as good as it is to an individual.

• Comments that ask technical questions are great, but all too often they end up side tracking the discussion into the deep and dirty specifics of cameras. That could be a discussion better had in private perhaps.

• After deciding to answer the call of, “submit a comment for this photo view slideshow” always make the comment pertinent, tasteful, and mature. Unless the site is no holds barred, keeping it conservative always produces better results for not only the viewers but the photographers as well.

Slideshow Takeover

With most major blogs and social networking sites these days, it is much more likely that online surfers will find a slideshow than a single striking snapshot. News sites as well have hopped on the bandwagon with all their weight. The point is too keep viewers on their page so that ideally something else will catch their eyes and keep them browsing and or shopping.

When it comes to tablet and mobile technology, the amount of software, apps, and free programs online that are coming out to compliment slide show viewing is extremely impressive, and everyone’s sharing. “Submit a comment for this photo view slideshow” is an invitation to take part, and make the visual aspects of the web more social and inviting.

Copyright Issues & Photographs

More and more unsuspecting bloggers and online users are being harassed and in some cases sued for the use of copyrighted photographs. The problem is that very rarely is the person being scorned responsible for the initial “theft” so to speak. They probably grabbed it from a random Google search, on someone else’s page. These people in turn got it from someone else and on and on. Who is ultimately to blame?

Search engines are siding with photographers, and paying closer attention to Geo-tagging. Furthermore, in terms of ecommerce, used photographs with any type or layer of copyright protection end up docking sites rather than helping them rank.

If “submit a comment for this photo view slideshow” is under a photograph that is obviously being used for commercial purposes by someone other than the original artist without giving credit, many believe it’s perfectly acceptable to call them out on it. Eventually everything on the net may be free, as some believe that’s where society is headed, but the point is at least the credit should be given to those who help us enjoy the atmosphere of creativity.

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