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Just Dance 3 Wii Song List

By Megan Coogle on 07/12/2012

Ok, here’s the lowdown. Just Dance 3 premiered on the Wii on October 11, 2011and features a 48 track song list, including unlockables, along with a sizeable mix of tunes available for download on the Wii network. The following tracks are included on the disc as primary soundtrack options or unlockable songs:

• “Apache (Jump On

Be the Star of the Show

By Becca Robinson on 01/31/2012

One of the best parts of dancing is performing. Whether you are performing in your dance school’s recital or a professional production such as the Nutcracker, you want to shine on stage and you want to be the one that people enjoy watching. Everyone wants to be the star of the show, and there are many ways to make this happen even if you

Do you want to learn how to dance?

By Samantha Gray on 08/14/2011

Watching professionals move gracefully across the floor in classic styles of dancing, or modern dance artists move their bodies in cool and hip ways can make anyone feel like learning to dance!

But how does one go about learning to dance? Well, first of all you need