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The Supplement Punk Rock

By Michael Simmons on 09/28/2012

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The Supplement Punk Rock is a part of a genre, a music genre that has come a long ways. There are some that would argue its dead, but that’s only because they do not have access to the places it’s been going since the 70’s. Originally, punk rock was the name given to bands that rocked out in their garages during the 60’s. Typically

Hire a Band in Raleigh, North Carolina

By Howard Bailey on 07/16/2012

Bands for hire in the NC triangle have plenty to offer to crowds of varied tastes. Whether one is looking for a wedding singer, a party band, or something for a corporate shindig, Raleigh has mercenary musicians for any event. If you want to hire a band in Raleigh North Carolina, here are some of the top choices on offer.

For the rock

Why Music Matters

By David Brake on 01/07/2012

Earn Money Teaching What You Love

Having been both a musician and music educator for most of my life, when I hear about cutbacks in music education, I often find it hard to bite my lip and keep quiet. Close to 200,000 teacher jobs bit the dust last year, and many school music programs were either hit hard or obliterated altogether. So to ring in the new year, I decided this

The World of Musical Instruction

By Christopher Gray on 08/14/2011

Like a serene ocean it sits — silent, massive and enchanting. The world of music is both vast and fascinating. Specifically, learning to read music can be alternately dull and exciting. You must endure the moments of the first to get to the moments of the last, which usually come when you are reading music as you are