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Why Kids Bother to Learn Geometry
The study of geometry is one of the first sciences and one of the most popular study topics in our present society, for young and old alike. This study dates to the 3rd century with the famous Euclid, and has advanced from its fairly simple beginnings to where it is now with multiple branches and fields of expertise. It is now converging in many places with algebra to become a multi-purpose study that has immensely useful purposes, and actually trains one to assess his or her surroundings. The advantage to learning basic geometry is obvious and something to profit from no matter who you are or how old you may be.

Learning basic geometry is absolutely beyond helpful for both children and adults, and the benefits are immediate. From simple household uses such as understanding the square feet of carpeting, to daily fun such as playing marbles and other games, learning basic geometry is truly essential. Learning basic geometry will also help you with simple daily comprehension and can assist children in grasping math in a more complete way.

A few easy steps to learning basic geometry are as follows:

  • Go to the local bookstore or hobby shop and find a basic learning section and choose one of the many books available to help you learn basic geometry.

  • Do some research online and sign up for a simple course on the internet to teach you basic geometry.

  • Search online video sites such as YouTube or one of the many others for simple math classes, specifying geometry as the field of choice.

The last important step in learning basic geometry is definitely applying it. This is an essential factor to learning anything in any field, and I would recommend especially with geometry that you put this into practice right away. It can actually be fun to find all the ways in which you can apply your new found understanding. (Hint: try plotting trajectories in your local pool hall.) The earlier after reading something you put it into action, the easier it is to remember, and the sooner it will pay off and benefit you. So it will be for you and your geometry.

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Free Online Math Tutors
Today, you no longer need to travel anywhere to get practically any type of help you might need. The internet has made it easier than ever to get homework assistance – especially math. Having access to mathematical formulas, terminology, and methods is a huge asset that students at any level should make use of in some way. You can find free online math tutors in a number of places on the web in a variety of formats.

First, you should decide whether or not you would like to use an actual person or just look at information by yourself. Either way will be effective, just decide which is right for you or use both. Generally, getting a private tutor will cost money, but there are plenty of wonderful free online math tutors that you can navigate through by yourself. You will be able to find videos, instructions, lessons, tests, and more. is definitely one of the best free online math tutors, as well as for other subjects. This non-profit site was created by Salman Khan and features thousands of educational videos that he has made. Many topics are covered, but the mathematics section is especially large. You will find detailed, easy to understand videos on topics from the simplest arithmetic to calculus, differential equations, and linear algebra. Practically everything you would ever need to know is explained in a very direct way, and the lessons build on one another as they get progressively more difficult.

In addition to the lessons, a comprehensive series of tests is included so you can see your progress. The tests are laid out in a tree-shaped grid, with simpler tests leading to more difficult ones. The tests you take and the videos you watch are tracked and analyzed. You can see your progress in convenient statistical reports that show you where you are spending most of your time, what you are best at, and what you need to spend more time on. If you have any questions or concerns, you can post comments throughout the site and have them answered by the owners or other users.

There are plenty of other good free online math tutors besides this one. covers pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry. There are tons of lessons here for anything that even remotely concerns algebra. There are also plenty of 'Solvers,' programs that provide you with formulas to fill in and which will calculate answers for you. There are quizzes to test your knowledge here as well, and in some cases an in-depth study of the topic.

The great thing about this site is that you will be able to make use of a forum where free online math tutors will answer any questions you may have. You can submit five problems per day to these tutors, so be sure to explain the problem clearly and describe how you are having trouble. These tutors are algebra experts who will show you exactly how to complete the problem and where you went wrong. They will show all of their work and the necessary steps involved. There is certainly no need to pay for math tutoring with such great resources available for free.

Pluto is a Moon
New Pluto Moon
The recent discovery of a new Pluto moon has excited space scientists. The news has also thrilled NASA and space enthusiasts alike. The findings were reported on July 11, 2012, courtesy of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. According to the galactic unit, P5 was detected as yet another moon of Pluto. The moon, however, is considered somewhat tiny. In fact, it only stretches about 6 to 15 miles wide. Still, the discovery has brought much excitement to the international space exploration community. That brings Pluto’s satellite count to 5, which follow up on the discovery of the P4 moon about a year ago.

The new Pluto moon is located Northwest of its icy home planet. This position, however, is based on horizontal shots taken by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. With all the excitement surrounding the new discovery, there is also a sense of anxiety within the New Horizons team. This team is currently overseeing the first probe that will visit Pluto. The aircraft is set to launch sometime in 2015. According to scientists, however, the Pluto system is more overcrowded than they initially perceived. As a result, the team is carefully monitoring all options to ensure a safe and successful project.

While the New Horizons project has been around since 2006, it’s new probe mission may face some hidden challenges and dangers. This is courtesy of the broad debris field that blankets Pluto’s moons. While previous probes have never slammed into the icy dwarf planets, scientists are beginning to wonder about the volume of debris. The addition of a new Pluto moon only adds to the uncertainty and fear. Still, experts believe the probe will travel at faster speeds that can hopefully elude any physical contact. The fear, however, is that even the smallest form of debris can damage and even render the probe useless.

With billions poured into the exploration of Pluto, scientists and engineers are burning the midnight oil with viable options and choices. The main concern is to prevent the probe from making physical contact with any of Pluto’s satellites. According to Allan Stern, SETI investigator, the team is working overtime to ensure safe trajectory for the probe. Since debris is now the main concern, the right navigational path can certainly procure timely and effective results. To get a better handle on the challenges New Horizons faces, the team is also employing bail out plans across the board. This, of course, will be put into fruition in case the probe is not able to get out of harm’s way.

Even with all the safety measures being implemented, the team is still enthralled about the endless possibilities of the probe. With the new Pluto moon, the pieces surrounding this mysterious planet are now falling in place. In fact, previous images have shown a more defined atmosphere, along with polar caps and possibly more moons. While the project is still three years away, the new Pluto moon discovery only adds to the excitement and mystique of the upcoming New Horizons space probe project.

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A Parent Letter from a Teacher at the End of the School Year Sample
Honoring the Academic Honors Program

Dear Parents,

The reason for letters from teachers at the end of the academic school year is not just for parents. It is also for the purpose of encouraging and rewarding the students who went after the most rigorous and advanced courses of study while attending this school. However, additionally, in this case, I have to admit it is also for the teacher.

You see, prior to this year, I believed, as did others on our staff, that we could recommend and hand pick prior to the semester those who are best suited to excel in the limited academic honors programs offered. I believed that past grades were an indication of future grades, and that we would somehow know which students were on the course for college by measuring past performance and test scores. Yes, I used to think differently on these issues, until this year.

This year, we have seen past test scores overcome by motivation, awards won against all odds and statistics, and opportunities presented that by no stretch of the imagination could have existed for these students just 12 months ago. I would love to take credit for this, but I cannot. All I can do is commend the effort, and recognize that I have learned as much as they have. These students have proven that some things cannot be measured or predicted without taking into account determination and the sheer will of the human spirit, and I have to say I am as proud of that fact right now as I am to have taught these young men and women this year.

I now believe that most students should be encouraged to go after an honors program, and that there should not be a limit of who does and who doesn't get in at the beginning of the year, as long as they are ready and willing to try. Of course, if admission to an academic honors program turns out to be counterproductive after the fact for a particular student, then they should move to where they can have the most appropriate learning experience—but I no longer believe that I or anyone else will know who will or will not rise to that occasion.

The reason the honors program is offered, is to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the students who are participating. The students who have the ambition and desire to go after these challenges are therefore recognized and admired, giving them greater opportunities. One of the biggest benefits and reasons for having the honors program is to give students the chance to advertise a resume for college applications and future jobs. It can give them final transcript recognition, diploma recognition, ceremonial recognition, and more.

The thing that makes this academic honors program different is how demanding the classes can be. A student is required to keep up with all the material that is presented in the class at a much faster pace than normal. The work that is required isn't too much more overwhelming than that of a regular class, but does need a lot more understanding of the subject. Also more thought and study needs to go into it, and the overall projects tend to be more involved because they lean more towards research problems.

Usually the requirements are different for each department. Each normally includes a requirement to finish a research paper or project that is identical to a college thesis, the enrollment into a unique honors course, and enrollment into a college course or college seminar. The honors program pushes students to learn from each other, discipline themselves with their approach, and to master their studies. I am proud to say that each and every one of these students has risen to that occasion, and I hope you are as proud of them as I am for their achievements this year. I wish you all the best of luck, and I am happy to say that I wholeheartedly believe if your children are the future, then we are indeed in good hands.

See more parent letters from teachers at the end of the school year samples here.

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Studying to Teach Biology
Biology is a fascinating and diversified field, offering many things to learn and teach from. Teaching biology is a fascinating topic that you could use to help develop the minds and skills of many individuals. Before you are ready to teach, preparing and studying before is an essential part, here is a simple guide on how to go about learning this important subject: biology.

Biology is a vast study that deals with all life forms and the processes they perform on a daily basis. Teaching biology is a complex subject, hence having your knowledge and facts solidly down pat is very essential. Teaching biology will involve primarily studying the five unifying principles that are the primary axioms of modern biology:

  1. Cells and the basic units of life
  2. New species and inherited traits
  3. Genes and the basic units of hereditary process
  4. Organism’s regulation of internal environments in order to maintain stable conditions
  5. The consumption of energy by all living organisms

Teaching biology is going to cost you in the means of preparation and study. There are many means to go about preparing to be teaching biology. The most common is taking courses. Teaching biology at any level will require participating in one of these classes, whether they are online study classes, personal one on one classes, or college or university level courses. These will prepare you for what your future job will be.

Personal study will be one of the greatest tools in your arsenal as you prepare to begin teaching biology. What you learn in a class is only the first step and what you study in your own time through the mediums of computer or elsewhere is what will enhance your skills and make you a true professional. So get the needed training and fulfill your dreams.

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