What You Should Know About Telecommunications Colleges?

Joining the growing ranks of telecommunications teachers and specialists has its pros and cons according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports. With the increasingly important role that telecommunications plays today across the globe, choosing a career in the telecommunications industry may still be very lucrative. Revenue in this field in 2008 was estimated at almost $4 trillion. By the year 2013, the service revenue in telecommunications could reach almost $3 trillion. Colleges that specialize in telecommunications and services, as well as telecommunications teachers are expected to remain stable but will not see an increase in demand between now and 2018.

Telecommunications engineering is offered at a number of the state public universities nationwide. The 4-year courses to obtain a bachelor’s degree can be found at the following: Arizona State University, Ohio State University, University of Texas at Austin, Pennsylvania State University, Purdue University, University of Seattle, University of California – Los Angeles, University of Wisconsin – Madison to name a few. Telecommunications teachers are some of the best.

Aside from state universities, in addition there are a number of small career oriented campuses specializing in telecommunications programs. Telecommunications teachers will cover program studies in tech management, computer, electronics and telecommunications, network systems, computer networking and security tech to name a few. Colleges specializing in a certification or degree program are Heald College in San Francisco, Herzing University with multiple campuses in Alabama and Wisconsin, Virginia College in Alabama, Mississippi and Texas, and YTI Career Institute in Pennsylvania.

Online job agencies list updated postings for telecommunications teachers within the U.S. Quick online searches will also help you uncover additional job agencies with current listings posted for overseas telecommunications teachers.

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