How to Tickle your Audience through Comedy Workshops?

Do you consider yourself to be a funny person? Do you make people laugh every day, and enjoy doing it? Do you find that funny things to say come to you easily, sometimes even at the wrong times? If even one of these things is true about you, then you should definitely consider comedy workshops as a way to improve and professionalize your comedy act. You could even become a stand-up comedian or funny actor one day if you learn a few simple tips and tricks.

A good comedy workshop will teach you the fundamentals of a comedy routine. You will study the three steps involved in making a great show for your audience, which are
  1. studying what you can do to be funny,
  2. developing the actual show, and
  3. finding gigs and places to perform.

Learning stage one in comedy workshops will often impart to you such great tips as how to write jokes, how to do a routine, how to act, keep a straight face, build up to a punch line, etc. Then you have to develop confidence, style, and a sense of comfort in what you are going to be doing.

In the second stage of comedy workshops, you study how to create a show that works. You need to come up with enough material to fill up a certain amount of time and then practice it. One thing you will certainly learn in comedy workshops is the importance of practice. Even if you are planning to do improve, you still need to know what you’re doing and be comfortable doing it, and thus the hours spend practicing. As you practice, you build confidence, which is vital to a comedy routine.

Then through good comedy workshops you enter stage three, which is finding places to perform. This last stage is just as important as the other two, teaching you how to make yourself a presence on the web, how to contact bookers or get an agent, and so on. Going to comedy workshops could be the way you boost yourself into a new career of making people laugh.

Photo Credit:Tim Green

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