Become a Special Education Leader

If you are interested in becoming a special education teacher, you are choosing a very special career. In this line of work you can be sure you are making a difference in people’s lives each and every day. You will either spend your time working one on one with special needs children or learning delayed students. Or you will have a whole class of learning or intellectually delayed students who truly need you as their special education teacher.

Beyond the study and academic training and certification that is necessary to become a special education teacher, you will also see that people who work in this very challenging field also need to have certain characteristics. One of the most important qualities in this profession is a good sense of humor. It can be frustrating and slow work to achieve the progress that is necessary, so being able to laugh and enjoy the daily ride is vital.

A good special education teacher is also very organized. You need to be prepared before your lessons, so that you are able to devote your full attention towards the student. You will also need to be creative in your teaching, just as Annie Sullivan was when she worked with Helen Keller. Finding the key to your students’ learning can be trial and error.

You will also need to have that special love and acceptance for your students. As a special education teacher, you will become very important in the lives of your students, and they highly regard your praise and approval.

More over, you will face the frustrations or outburst of your students, understanding that their maturity level cannot be compared with other children. So you will have to handle them. These are the times where you have to remember you have thick skin and can take it, after all, you are a special education teacher.

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