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ACT & SAT Tests Are Standardized, But You're Not
Widely accepted as university qualifying exams, these tests claim to forecast students' ability to handle college-level work.

What determines college competence? For nearly a century now, the ACT and SAT have sought to answer this question for higher education institutions across the U.S. As an early alternative to the intelligence quotient exams of late 19th Century America, these tests were quickly accepted as the standard college assessment exams. However, in recent years, the testing paradigm has begun to change. More and more colleges are opting to make the ACT/SAT optional, and instead have adopted a more holistic approach to undergraduate admissions. The problem with standardized tests, colleges find, is that they adopt an averages range that students fail to fit into. Time and time again, standardized test scores have proven to be inaccurate representations of their taker's abilities. Ultimately, everyone is different, and no one fits the exact description of “the...

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Fall of the Western Roman Empire
Collapse From Within

The Western Roman Empire, at its greatest extent, included modern day Spain, France, Italy, England, and parts of North Africa. The Romans, masters of war and commerce, dominated this vast amount of land for almost a thousand years, first as a republic then as a mighty empire. Even so, the Romans could not maintain their power forever. Military conflicts with the barbarians are often seen as the major cause of the dissolution of the Empire. 1 However, with a critical look at the sources, the student of history can see that the Empire was already sick from internal disease before the barbarians finished it off with force. The Empire's massive financial crisis combined with rampant political corruption, the growth of Christianity, and the separation of East and West, damaged the empire beyond repair and left it vulnerable.

The root of the Empire's slump is found in its financial crises, dating back to the...

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Why International College Students Should Include Scholarships on their Resumes
Whether you are a student coming from Tennessee or New Mexico, have a high school GPA of a 4.0 or a 2.5, whether you’re financially stable or you’re president of six clubs, everyone feels the scholarship struggle. Sure, it’s easier for some to find scholarships they qualify to apply for but the number of students who are actually able to fund a substantial amount of their college bill with someone else’s chump change is pretty diminutive.

Now imagine this scholarship struggle on steroids. The scholarship pool available to you is dismal, they’re worth less on average and most of your peers can’t get the money either. This is a very real scenario for international students. Getting a scholarship as a domestic student is a big accomplishment is big news, receiving a scholarship as an international student is more than challenging, it’s near impossible.

Why should international students include scholarships on their resumes?
The simple answer is because they...

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Top US Doctoral Programs for Foreign Students
Okay so, let me begin by saying that truth be told, highest ranking schools that offer Ph.D.s, M.D.s, and J.D.s can only be measured accurately in terms of the interested person’s educational program of choice (ex: law, medicine, etc), and without knowing this information it’s hard to start heading in the right direction. However, because it is known that the most commonly pursued doctorate is the Ph.D, we’ve lined up the best of the best American universities that offer it.

  1. Princeton University: Number one is no shocker. We’ve all heard this name hundreds and thousands of times in the same sentence as the words “top university”- Princeton is a household name. What’s so special about its Ph.D. program is that it holds immense opportunities for research, as well as a solid repertoire of over 40 degrees. Did I mention that you can combine your Ph.D. with another degree- oh I don’t know- perhaps an M.D.? Yep.

  2. Harvard University: And here goes ...

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US College Essay Examples for International Students
When it comes to college essays, there’s no one way to tackle them. Because of every person’s individual identity, aspirations, and experiences, there are countless, if not infinite, different paths one could take: humorous, archaic, anecdotic, inspiring, you name it. The important thing to bear in mind when whipping out one of these babies is that universities are looking for uniqueness; it’s not enough to simply meet the requirements, one has to find a way to give college application reviewers something they didn’t even know they were looking for. International students, like me, will often tell you that college essays come with tremendous pressure, even more so than for in-state students, because these are the only thing that can make us stand out and win over one of the select spots at university held for students like us. For any of you out there looking for some guidance, don’t fret, here are some examples of what you can do:

  1. The classic “I’ve lived amongs...

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How Does Financial Aid Work for International Students in the US
As an international student, I’m all too familiar with the never-ending scavenger hunt for financial aid. Let’s face it, international students don’t have as many options when it comes to university financing as in-state students do. This isn’t time to give up just yet though; sure, we can’t fill a FAFSA form, but there are a lot of other outlets we can explore that might help us plump up our budget after all.

The first street to explore would be international organizations that exist solely for the purpose of sponsoring defenseless international students like us. Because these grants are extremely competitive (they’re open to everyone), it’s vital that you apply with time to spare and put extra effort when it comes to impressing. Also, many times these institutions will need you to be in your native country when applying in case an interview has to be scheduled, so, like I mentioned before, make sure you don’t apply in a rush. Some of these incredibly remarkable and hel...

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Study Guide For The Novel The Death Of Ivan Ilyich By Leo Tolstoy
There are a few really good reasons why students, both official and private, still seek out study guides for the novel The Death of Ivan Ilyich by Leo Tolstoy. Above all else, it’s because this story could be applied to the whole of modernity. A well to do middle-aged high court judge with big plans, looking to impress others with his status, then begins to realize he has fallen victim to an untimely and drawn out death.

When looking online for study guides for the novel The Death of Ivan Ilyich, it’s important to get a thorough version. Many out there today simply do not bother with explaining the insight and morals of the story. Instead, they stick with the cold hard facts.

Here are the three main parts that one should find is a solid version of the study guide.

Part One

The story begins with some of Ivan’s colleagues in a secluded room talking about the certain legalities of current important cases. One of them learn...

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Tutor Blog Advice
STAY CALM EVERYONE STAY CALM rest assured you have come to the right place. I’ve run a semi-successful (*cough cough* this is my modesty showing) humorous, social justice blog for three years (sorry, I'm not giving out the name for it here!). So now this blog-famous-extraordinaire is coming to you from inside her cubicle, and I have all the qualifications to tell you how you can have a successful tutoring blog.

STEP #1:
Make a blog through a professional site.
Do NOT for all that is good in the tutoring age, use Tumblr as your platform. Wordpress or Blogspot are good to use because they give you free reign over content without unnecessary clutter on your home screen. Tumblr is for the recreational blog, not professional. Make sure you pick an appropriate format as well that isn’t too generic or too ostentatious. This means no black and white (unless you are trying to teach black and white photography), nothing you can describe as kawaii aka no pi...

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