Build Your Career as a TOEFL Instructor

A TOEFL instructor has a career testing individuals in their command of English as a second language. This job can keep you close to home, or take you all around the world, depending on your choices. Many find this career engaging and challenging.

These tests are in high demand by individuals who are not native English speakers, but are looking for admission to a certain English speaking university or county. So, as TOEFL instructor your skills will always be sought after. Most who work in this field teach between 15-20 hours a week, and the rest of their work time is dedicated to lesson prep and grading.

Institutes and governments use the TOEFL test to grade an applicant’s English level. The grade is used to determine whether the individual is eligible for immigration, or acceptance to a place of study. So, the role of a TOEFL instructor is preparing them for the test, and sometimes administering the test.

A TOEFL instructor will prepare his or her students in four aspects of the English language: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. You will help the individuals become proficient in each of these aspects to prepare them for their test.

You can become a TOEFL instructor by completing the course that is offered by various institutes. Once you are certified, you can find work with various embassies, universities, and other institutes around the world that offer the test. This line of work also has some volunteer opportunities with various Not for Profits that offer English lessons and testing.

Your career as a TOEFL instructor will probably start small, but it has potential to be a flourishing career, with opportunity for advancement. As you get more familiar with the opportunities that are out there, you will find the ones that are best suited to your skills and experience.

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