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How To Increase Your Company’s Appeal To Potential Candidates
In today’s economy, economists are expecting there will be a rise in unemployment rates later this year, despite the fact that restrictions and regulations are beginning to ease. Whilst it might seem like employers have more options for talented people to choose from, the competition is far greater now amongst businesses looking to attract candidates to their firm. There is the desire to attract a greater number of potential employees, but clearly it is also important to attract the right candidate for the role currently available.

For businesses looking to hire new talent, here are a couple of things to keep in mind to help your company stand out as a great place where potential candidates should apply.

Cultivate A Strong Company Culture

The job description and the pay for a role are no longer enough to entice potential candidates to apply for a position within a company. The work envi...

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Creating An Engaging Employee Benefits Program
Setting up an employee benefits program can be a fantastic move for your company as a whole, but you do need to make sure that you are creating a program that they wish to engage in. These can be quite expensive to run, and you will want to make sure that things are therefore going to be as cost-effective as possible. Here are some of the factors to think about when constructing your employee benefits program.

Find the Right Platform to Manage It

The first thing you need to do is find the correct platform to manage it from. A program like the Zest employee benefit platform will be beneficial here as it allows both employees and employers to correctly manage their benefits.

Employees will get to see what is available to them. They will also be able to manage their benefits to choose the ones that appeal to them the most. From the employer’s perspective, they will get to see which benefits are being selected. This ...

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Why Study Advertising in College
Welcome to the other side of consumerism. Not necessarily “The Dark Side,” but this side definitely has you take a sobering look at society when you consider persuasive techniques and what sparks general interest.

As a competitive market thrives - businesses seeding, flowering, blooming, and sometimes being trampled on - advertising and marketing can be the make or break for a product or company and requires people who are up for a constant creative challenge. If this sounds like you, continue reading… If not, well despite that voice from your parents, professor, or maybe even yourself telling you not to, the undeniable rush from dipping your toes in the pool of “behind the scenes” action will probably lure you in anyways.

The advertising and marketing community, a lot like a secret society of people who have thoroughly studied what rests (dreamily and susceptible to an advertiser’s intrusion) in the minds of men, women, and children of all demographic...

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International Business Student Resumes
First thing is first; neatness and appearance are key. It may seem shallow and insensitive to say, but ugly-looking and scattered resumes don’t get you far in life. If there’s one thing to know about companies going through potential employees' resumes, it’s that they don’t look twice at an unprofessional looking one.

So, what’s the right way to format a resume? There isn’t just one way to go about it, but certain aspects are consistently used. First, your font size should be either 10 point or 12 point Arial/Times New Roman. Anything smaller than 10 and the reader will give up at deciphering it, and anything bigger than 12 is just childish and kiddie-like. I mean come on, a 16 point font starts to look like a cartoon and is just unheard of. Next in line is conciseness; keep it short and sweet. Employers usually don’t have too much time to waste reading just one resume, so making their life easier by being straightforward and clear will be very much apprec...

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Real Estate house investment courses online
Real Estate Investing Courses Online
Attractive offers from online institutions attempt to lure prospective students by claiming to harbor fundamental principles and expeditious ways to profit from real estate investment. The chance to explore your hidden talent for investment is sealed tight behind a virtual button, fastened by a fixed dollar amount. With one click and a credit card entry, websites for online education like Udemy.com pitch courses that make declarations like “Learn how to analyze ALL real estate opportunities, raise capital for deals, and build millions in personal wealth” as the expected outcome by their students at all levels who strive to become “a residential & commercial real estate investing BOSS.”

The monotonous click, scroll, read and repeat through countless tutorials may allow logical strategies to permeate through your mind with helpful tips on how to survive in the field, but the enduring aftermath of the $100-$499 expenditure is a lack of real world experience with the fi...

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Why Choose Management as a Major
The bottom of every resume highlights the most daunting category, titled by the most alarming and intimidating word: skills. What should you put here? What does this flimsy piece of paper that determines your very future want from you? Should you write that you can pogo stick for four hours, or eat three Pop-Tarts and drink two juice pouches within ten minutes?

Honestly, we all know what we want to be able to write here: the ability to lead a large group of people towards a cohesive goal coupled with excellent time and sales management. Sprinkle the end with fluency in a couple of languages – and voila! You are not only a fantastically well rounded person, but you have a piece of paper to prove it! Now the question becomes, how do you actually develop proficiency and finesse in an elaborate array of diverse fields?

Management as a major is a great option. In order to see the extent to which a management degree can light the candles of success...

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Jobs Hiring Veterans Now
Going back to school after a three month summer vacation, coming back to work on a Monday after a three day weekend, remembering how to ice skate after skipping out on a year of practice; not only do I think coming back to a reality that has been long forgotten is difficult, it’s not fun either. I can’t imagine the tremendous difficulty that seems almost inevitable when coming back from months, maybe years, away to restart an unfamiliar, distant relative of a life. Needless to say, this immense hurdle must be overcome regardless of adversity, and there are a couple ways we can make this happen.

Option #1- Go directly into the work force.
Although it is definitely a challenge for veterans to go directly into the work force, it is not uncommon. Just like some career paths are more likely to choose undergraduate student...

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Contact Lens Care
Contact Lenses: The Right Solution
For those who wear contact lenses, forming new habits and changing old ones is an extremely important aspect of wearing contact lenses. It would help in this process to become acquainted with as many types of contact lenses as possible and to answer the question: “What are the types of contact lenses?”

Once an eye doctor maps a patient’s eye shape to fit them for the corrective lenses they’ll need, there are several types of contact lenses within the contact lenses category that a person can choose from. There are rigid contact lenses that have a long life durability, are comfortable to wear and able to correct most vision problems. Then there are the daily wear soft lenses which are made of a soft flexible plastic, they’re more comfortable to wear but don’t correct every vision problem, they also require very careful cleaning and care. Next are the extended wear contact lenses that can be worn during the day and night for about a week, they need to be replaced...

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