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What is career development? And what makes career development majors useful choices of study? Withinpersonal development, career development refers to the evolution or development of a career, informed by experience, success, and educational achievement. Also, to the collection of sociological, physiological, physical, educational, economic factors, and factors of chance that merge to affect the nature and meaning of work in the lifespan of any person.

Career development majors will involve learning about one’s creation of a career pattern, how one expresses one’s values, how one views themselves in relation to their life’s role, and one’s style of decision making.

As a division of organizational development, career development majors explore how people manage their careers between and within organizations. It also explores the structure which organizations use to chart career progress with their members; both as it relates to personal development and as it relates to organizational development. Career development certainly ranks high on the list of worthy topics for study. To find available career development majors, a student does not need to look far.

There are many online courses, career/trade schools and some colleges and universities that offer credits in career development majors. This is a very practical and useable field of study, as every company and budding business needs to look out for the progress of its member’s careers. And many individuals the world over are looking for qualified career counseling from a career specialist, who would be certified by their career development degree, which begins with taking various career development majors.

There are few things an individual cares more about then what she or he will do with his or her life. Getting training in this field with career development majors can prepare you to advise countless others in the journey of their life’s work, goals and purpose.

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