Spike Albrecht of the 2012-13 Michigan Wolverines men's basketball team
Why do NFL and NBA Athletes Go Broke?
One would expect that those fortunate enough to attain one of the world’s most lucrative careers would have the capacity to know how to spend and allot money correctly. But the response to that expectation is a striking and blatant no. Sports Illustrated reports that by the time they have been retired for two years, 78% of former NFL players have gone bankrupt or are under financial stress because of joblessness or divorce. Similarly, approximately 60 percent of NBA players have gone broke after five years of retirement.

But how could players with so much agility on the court subsequently not exercise good decision making off of it? Joe Flood, a sports reporter for National Public Radio, offers a possible answer to the question, the paradox of ability is their reason for failure. What makes them amazing on the court makes them terrible at business: confidence. These pla...

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Map of Fattest US States
Fattest US State
The fattest US state contests have become no laughing matter to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The obesity crisis and diabetes epidemic is becoming an ever more serious issue with real human and economic consequences. The US Debt to GDP ratio just printed last month at 104%, another indication that healthcare related entitlement programs and the overall budget simply cannot handle it. The resources to tackle the situation being mocked by the fattest US state contests, articles, and blogs don’t seem to be there anymore.

Ok, but who is the Fattest US State?

Apparently, for six straight years from 2003-2008 the champion of obesity was Mississippi. In fact, from a broad perspective, the south has terrible numbers. To this day, there’s still no state in the south with less than a 20% obesity prevalence rate. The saddest thing of all is that, like a storm, obesity rates have soared in every single state in the union.

What’s Causing This?


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Sorana Cirstea 1er tour de Roland Garros 2010 tennis French open
French Open Tennis 2010: Why I Learned How to Play Tennis
It was while watching the French Open Tennis 2010 match that I decided the game of tennis is pretty simple to learn, but difficult to master. There aren't many difficult things that are involved in the game, but the degree of challenge all really depends on your opponent. I kept thinking when watching the French Open what my teacher said when I first took tennis lessons, “When learning how to play tennis, one should start with the very basics. Finding a tennis club to join is useful also, and will help in the process to becoming a better tennis player.”

How hard can it be? The game only has two players that are facing each other on opposite sides of the tennis court. There is a net that is set up in the middle of the court and a ball is then passed over the net, back and forth, and hit with nylon tennis rackets. The rules that the game has are pretty simple, and learning how to play tennis comes as one keeps playing. So why is it so entertaining? The answer, and what I r...

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Yoga and Pregnancy
Yoga and Pregnancy
I've personally experienced the benefits of yoga throughout my pregnancy.

In addition to walking, light weights and swimming etc recommended by obstetricians during a pregnancy, I find yoga brings many added benefits.

Unfortunately, many stereotypes about yoga are common and the multitude of different types of classes can be confusing and overwhelming.

In an attempt to simplify this form of exercise/wellness training, I will try to point out several key components:

1) Breathing. Yoga helps you focus on your breathing rather than your over all "fitness level". People can become discouraged during exercise routines because they end up comparing themselves to others.

Yoga is not meant to be a competitive sport. It is NOT about crazy contortions. Yoga is about shifting your focus to yourself so you become more aware of your own general well-being. You begin this process by paying attention to your breathing.

2) Mental endurance. Once you understa...

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Cool Cat Patriot Thor goggles tough guy cute kitten
Weird Sports Gifts
Buying gifts again? Sometimes it feels like all you buy for people are clothes and coffee makers. Go out on a limb and get some weird sports gifts for your friends and family – when they look at their new shirts, they'll thank you! There are plenty of sites on the internet that provide weird sports gifts of all sorts, all you have to do is look.

ThingsYouNeverKnew.com is a great site to go for many types of gifts. In their Sports section, you will find some weird sports gifts like beer kegs with the colors and logos of football, baseball, hockey, and other sports teams. They also have stainless steel Martini shakers of the teams as well.

Remember Snuggies? Thing You Never Knew has tons of different kinds, some with college teams and numbers. Others have NFL teams and logos, and include pillows on the bottom so you can be comfortable at cold games. For the golfers, the site features a small brown sack for golf balls – a ...

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US vs Ghana Match
The World Cup 2010 United States-Ghana Match
The World Cup 2010 United States-Ghana match went down in history as another devastating loss for the United States. The final score was 2-1, just as it was in the previous matchup between these teams the year before. The 2010 game went into fulltime, the time added to the end of a soccer match to compensate for lost time. After the win, Ghana went on to face Uruguay in the quarterfinals. At the time, it was hailed as the biggest match in U.S. soccer history.

This was the most-watched men's World Cup game in South Africa. It was the second-most in the United States, after the 1999 Women's World Cup final match between the United States and China at the Rose Bowl. The Nielson Co. said that the World Cup 2010 United States-Ghana match was seen by about 14.9 million viewers on ABC, with 4.5 million on Univision, a Spanish-language station. The 1999 Women's World Cup game had about 18 million viewers.

The United States, wearing all white, gave up an early goal in the fifth mi...

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College Football News Preseason Preview
Do you love college football? You know that you're not alone, to say the least. American football has evolved into what it is today from various forms of rugby, until the first intercollegiate football game in 1875 between Harvard University and Tufts University. Today, the whole country feels the excitement of football season. You can find a great college football news preseason preview through any of the major sports networks, which are all present on the internet.

Some teams are generating tons of excitement for the upcoming college football season. The Louisiana State University Tigers are definitely a team to keep your eye on – though they went out with a poor showing last season, their roster for the 2012 season is dynamite. It will include some of the most talented and athletic players, including Tyrann Mathieu, who is thought by some to be the best player in the country. Your college football news preseason preview will not be complete without some frequent updates about...

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intermural college team dodgeball goofy dodge ball
Funny Team Names - Favorite Websites List
Are you racking your brain trying to think of funny team names? Are you starting some intramural sports, a pickup team, or a fantasy league team? You probably want a great name, but perhaps you can't think of one this time, or you're having some inner team conflict. Apparently this is not an uncommon problem, because there are dozens of internet web sites built with the express purpose of providing people with funny team names. Want to be the Geeks N Sneaks? The Intentional Foulers or Balls Deep? Take a quick tour of the internet, and you can find plenty of team name ideas.

Buzzle is a low-end site that has a relatively small selection of funny sports team names. This site features funny team names for basketball, dodge ball, and soccer. Some of the basketball names are Victorious Secret, The Flying Apes, Loony ArmChair, and The Ninja Turdles. Some dodge ball names are Apples and Oranges, No Punt Intended, Spiked Punch, Set to Kill, and Ba...

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