French Open Tennis 2010: Why I Learned How to Play Tennis

It was while watching the French Open Tennis 2010 match that I decided the game of tennis is pretty simple to learn, but difficult to master. There aren't many difficult things that are involved in the game, but the degree of challenge all really depends on your opponent. I kept thinking when watching the French Open what my teacher said when I first took tennis lessons, “When learning how to play tennis, one should start with the very basics. Finding a tennis club to join is useful also, and will help in the process to becoming a better tennis player.”

How hard can it be? The game only has two players that are facing each other on opposite sides of the tennis court. There is a net that is set up in the middle of the court and a ball is then passed over the net, back and forth, and hit with nylon tennis rackets. The rules that the game has are pretty simple, and learning how to play tennis comes as one keeps playing. So why is it so entertaining? The answer, and what I remembered while watching the French Open in 2010, was in my instructor’s final introductory statement. “It may get more difficult to play, depending on your opponent.”

Let’s see, how did the rest of my instructor’s opening narrative go? Yes, it's really easy to learn how to play tennis. The sport begins by having one player that is on one side of the court who serves the ball up and over the net and onto the other side. The player receiving the ball must let the ball hit the ground one time, and then must hit it back to the player who served. A point is scored when a player makes an unsuccessful return to the other side, meaning the ball either hits out of bounds, or hits the net and doesn't make it over. So far, so good. (I can just picture my instructor addressing the players this way at the French Open!)

She went on to say that learning how to play tennis with techniques will further progress a player's game. This can come in handy, especially when playing in a tennis club where more experienced players are. Learn to swing correctly to return the ball effectively. These swings consist of a backhand swing, a forehand swing, or even what is called aces. Aces are points scored off the serve. (No need to mention that at the French Open.)

She closed by saying that, like with all things, the more a person practices the better they get. Finding a tennis club and playing against experienced players will only increase skill, and it's best to learn how to play tennis the right way, and start from the basics and increase your skill from there. Hmm, and then there is the French Open tennis 2010. What happened? How could a few simple moves eventually become a death match, complete with adult controversy and partial nudity? I suppose it would be like boxing. You grow up learning all the basics, and then fight Mohammed Ali and realize you know nothing. Ultimately what I learned from watching the French Open tennis 2010 matches is that in order to really win, you have to be willing to constantly reinvent the game. See more about the French open tennis 2010 here.

Photo Credit: Yann Caradec

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