Weight Training and Health

The benefits of weight training programs are simply too numerous to name, but here are a few for you to think about:

  1. You have a steady goal, something to shoot for—therefore, you will get more out of your time spent exercising, and will be motivated to stay on track.
  2. With proper weight training programs, you can start at your own pace and build up gradually, which is better for your heart and body, rather than jumping too fast into something your body is not ready for.
  3. You can see your progress, which in turn gives you more incentive to keep up with your weight training programs.

When looking for the best weight training programs, it’s always a good idea to get a professional trainer to evaluate you first, so that you can get a tailor-made program for you. That’s a whole lot better than just shooting in the dark, hoping that one of the random weight training programs out there will suit you. Everyone’s body is different, and what works for one, may not work for another.

Good weight training programs are based not just on a general criterion, but rather you and your body. A good trainer will ask questions such as, “Have you done any training in the past, and if so, what kind and for how long?” They will need to know information such as your age, weight, height, what types of food you eat, if you have had any health problems in the past, etc. Weight training programs are not just pulled out of a hat; they are created from careful observation and study of one’s body, background, past experiences, capabilities and even level of motivation and dedication. With a great trainer, you can get a program that’s right for you.

Photo Credit:Eric Astrauskas

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