What Every Lacrosse Coach Needs to Bring to the Team

Are you a lacrosse coach looking to improve your style of coaching? A person who has never coached lacrosse before but wants to start? The basics of coaching are easy, but being able to effectively train a lacrosse team, or a team from any sport, is a gift only a few coaches have. Coaching can be learned however, and by following a few simple tips you can learn to coach like a pro.

For one thing, a good lacrosse coach must be able to motivate and inspire his team. In order to do that, he must win their respect and get them to look up to and admire him. This isn’t some sort of ego-boosting technique, but rather the best way to get your team to follow you. Win your team’s respect by respecting them in return and treating them like valuable members of a team.

Another important skill a good lacrosse coach must have is the ability to see the weak areas in a lacrosse team and know immediately what must be done to remedy them. This isn’t always easy for a novice lacrosse coach, but one great method for doing that is taking videos of your team in action, and then playing them back later. Reviewing your team’s performance regularly will show you which problems must be solved, and help you figure out problem solving solutions.

A thorough knowledge of the game of lacrosse is obviously an important aspect of a lacrosse coach’s necessary skills, and you must know the game in and out before attempting to train. But even when you think you know the game reasonably well, don’t neglect to learn more as often as you can. A good lacrosse coach constantly searches out new plays, drill, and strategies to use in the game, and you should definitely spend time weekly studying up.

Photo Credit:Tom Beary

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