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Because of the fact that boxing is such a popular sport, it is relatively easy to locate places and instructors to teach you to box. Because it’s such a dangerous sport, it is essential for anyone who plans to learn to box to have a good boxing coach or instructor to help you avoid injury. And if you know where to look, the process of discovering a good trainer becomes extremely easy. Follow the advice below to find a boxing coach, instructor, or class for the best possible price.

The most obvious and effective place to find a boxing coach is at your local gym, especially if your gym has boxing equipment and facilities. At a gym there will often be one of two boxing instructors on staff to teach clients how to box, and if you are signed up you can use their services. And even if you aren’t singed up, or there are no boxing trainers on staff, then the gym will often have references and contact information to give you for a good boxing coach.

Often these establishments and trainers charge a price that may be a little too high for people who aren’t interested in boxing professionally. If you can’t afford to pay the high cost of a boxing trainer from a gym, then a second place to discover a good boxing coach is in the classifieds. Boxing instructors and trainers often post advertisements and contact information for interested students of boxing to connect with them. You can also post an ad yourself for a boxing coach, and wait for instructors to contact you.

And if hiring a boxing coach is still too expensive for you, then don’t worry. If you don’t want to invest that much in boxing, and simply want to do it for recreation or a hobby, then you can read and study about it online. You can watch free instructional videos to see technique and proper form, and read how to books and tutorials for further information and advice.

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