How to Learn the Brain-Body Connection for Health & Nutrition

Health and nutrition medical resources are an excellent avenue to learn the important connection between the brain and body. To successfully combat and effectively reduce the tide of new diseases, a majority of health & nutrition experts point out that a clear link exists between the foods we eat and our health. Health and nutrition medical resources are also beginning to draw even clearer connections between deteriorating environmental factors, the lack of nutrition in our food today and disease.

Conventional medical practices have always taken the approach of treating the symptoms to obtain a cure or happy medium. This is done through the use of prescribed medicines and drugs. Health and nutrition medical resources have been reaching new conclusions though, ones based on ongoing studies funded and conducted by individual nutritional or concerned medical doctors and scientists.

This new group of medical doctors and health and nutrition medical resources are basing their practices on vital brain-body connections. They have been on a search and rescue mission, so to speak, to uncover the reasons behind these new or previously existing diseases that are getting worse today rather than becoming less prevalent. The majority of this group of health and nutrition medical resources names the core of most disease as being specific body deficiencies, unknown food allergies, or environmental toxicities from pollution and toxic chemicals in the soil and water. These toxins get stored within the body and will form the root cause of diseases like cancer, diabetes, celiac disease, even Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and the list goes on.

Needless to say, all doctors and nutritional experts agree that there is still much to learn about the effects of both foods and the environment on the human species, let alone the animal kingdom and earth. But it would be safe to conclude that the important brain-body connections between optimal health and the foods we ingest are evident.

For additional health and nutrition medical resources you can visit various sites on the internet, including the Mayo Clinic website.

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