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The World Cup 2010 United States-Ghana Match
The World Cup 2010 United States-Ghana match went down in history as another devastating loss for the United States. The final score was 2-1, just as it was in the previous matchup between these teams the year before. The 2010 game went into fulltime, the time added to the end of a soccer match to compensate for lost time. After the win, Ghana went on to face Uruguay in the quarterfinals. At the time, it was hailed as the biggest match in U.S. soccer history.

This was the most-watched men's World Cup game in South Africa. It was the second-most in the United States, after the 1999 Women's World Cup final match between the United States and China at the Rose Bowl. The Nielson Co. said that the World Cup 2010 United States-Ghana match was seen by about 14.9 million viewers on ABC, with 4.5 million on Univision, a Spanish-language station. The 1999 Women's World Cup game had about 18 million viewers.

The United States, wearing all white, gave up an early goal in the fifth minute to Ghana, wearing red and yellow stripes. This was the third time in this World Cup that the States had given up a goal in the first 15 minutes of a match. The first goal in the World Cup 2010 United States-Ghana math was scored by Kevin-Prince Boateng with a left-footed shot from the top of the box. Later on, the goalkeeper, Tim Howard, said that he regretted missing the shot and that he should have been able to stop it.

Before the 20 minute mark, two U.S. players had received yellow cards. Ricardo Clark got his first for a violent and late tackle. Next was Steve Cherundulo for tripping Dede Ayew. Asamoah Gyan was blocked in the following penalty kick. Ghana continued to dominate for the first 30 minutes. They held most of the possessions and won most of the important midfield battles. Around this time, Ricardo Clark was taken out at midfield for Maurice Edu. The States were trailing 1-0 at halftime.

In the second half of the World Cup 2010 United States-Ghana match, the U.S. began showing their teeth. Their sluggishness and poor decision making had disappeared – they were making fast, clean passes and good choices. The Ghana team began showing signs of nervousness.

The U.S. team's hard work pays off in a penalty kick by Landon Donovan after he is tackled by Jonathan Mensah (who earns a yellow card for this) in the box. The shot bounces off the right post and into the goal. The Americans have the momentum at this point, giving the Ghana goalkeeper, Richard Kingson, a run for his money. Nothing comes of it, however, and the game enters a thirty-minute fulltime tied at 1-1.Only three minutes into fulltime, Asamoah Gyan scores a great goal for Ghana, sizzling the ball over the goalkeeper's hands. This was an abrupt end to the American domination of the second half of the match. They are unable to score for the rest of fulltime, bringing the World Cup 2010 United States-Ghana match to a close. This win was particularly impressive for Ghana, considering that they were missing their best player, Michael Essian.

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College Football News Preseason Preview
Do you love college football? You know that you're not alone, to say the least. American football has evolved into what it is today from various forms of rugby, until the first intercollegiate football game in 1875 between Harvard University and Tufts University. Today, the whole country feels the excitement of football season. You can find a great college football news preseason preview through any of the major sports networks, which are all present on the internet.

Some teams are generating tons of excitement for the upcoming college football season. The Louisiana State University Tigers are definitely a team to keep your eye on – though they went out with a poor showing last season, their roster for the 2012 season is dynamite. It will include some of the most talented and athletic players, including Tyrann Mathieu, who is thought by some to be the best player in the country. Your college football news preseason preview will not be complete without some frequent updates about Mathieu.

Another team that promises an exciting season is the Oregon Ducks. They are criticized for not having as physically large a team as many others, and most analysts think that this will keep them from the championship. However, practically their whole roster is full of speed demons, making for some very engaging games. The Alabama Crimson Tide promises to have a strong showing as well, thanks to their all-star coach Nick Saban. He has proven that he can make big things happen with teams that might not otherwise succeed so well. Despite losing Trent Richardson last year, Saban can be counted on to put up a good fight. You can find excellent college football news preseason preview coverage on these teams and others at

There is an interesting prediction tool called the Congrove Computer Rankings 120, or CCR120, being used to calculate the odds of particular teams winning games. This program can be used to predict games all the way through the championship, and has been able to accurately forecast the exact national championship game three times – in 1993, 1998, and 2005. This is a great tool to have for your college football news preseason preview, and can be found at This program calculates the odds by examining the strengths of teams in various categories, their rankings, and their schedule. Algorithms compute this data and can generate quite accurate predictions about who will win which games. For the 2012 season, the CCR predicts that the LSU Tigers will win the championship, going 13-1. Next are Alabama, Oklahoma State, and Boise State, all of which are predicted to have 12-1 records. The CCR is a fascinating tool that you can't afford to ignore.

For more detailed information about teams and individual players, a good place to check out is Here, you will find a college football news preseason preview including detailed analyst's reviews and regular articles. There are also predictions for particular conferences and teams. Especially interesting are the forum and chat features found on this site. These let you get and share information that you often cannot get anywhere else, as well as chat with other fans about what you are most looking forward to this upcoming season.

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Funny Team Names - Favorite Websites List
Are you racking your brain trying to think of funny team names? Are you starting some intramural sports, a pickup team, or a fantasy league team? You probably want a great name, but perhaps you can't think of one this time, or you're having some inner team conflict. Apparently this is not an uncommon problem, because there are dozens of internet web sites built with the express purpose of providing people with funny team names. Want to be the Geeks N Sneaks? The Intentional Foulers or Balls Deep? Take a quick tour of the internet, and you can find plenty of team name ideas.

Buzzle is a low-end site that has a relatively small selection of funny sports team names. This site features funny team names for basketball, dodge ball, and soccer. Some of the basketball names are Victorious Secret, The Flying Apes, Loony ArmChair, and The Ninja Turdles. Some dodge ball names are Apples and Oranges, No Punt Intended, Spiked Punch, Set to Kill, and Ball Hogzz. Some of their soccer names are Leg Breakers, Big Ben's Missing Teeth, Junior Mints, and Ruud Brood. This is not one of the best sites you will find, but it is good for some quick inspiration.

A much better site is Team Names. This site is much better looking, has many more funny team names, and allows a rating and comment system for the names. The funny names on this site are geared mostly towards the online fantasy leagues. There are hundreds (yes hundreds) of names on this site, but there is also a sorting function. You can sort the team names by their rating, either highest or lowest first, or you can sort the names alphabetically with either a or z first. Some of their top names are French Toast Mafia, Big Test Icicles, Scared Hitless, The Mighty Morphin Flower Arrangers, and Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies.

Some of their names for fantasy football are Multiple Scorgasms, e-LEMON-aters, and Team Ramrod. Some of their basketball names are Hoops! I Did it Again, Smokin Aces, Ball Busters, Basket Brawlers, and Screw Balls. Some of their top baseball names are The Master Batters, Blue Balls of Destiny, Got The Runs, and The Artful Dodgers. Some of their funny hockey names are Buster McThunderstick, Penalty Box Heroes, The Stickman Clan, Rubber Puckies, and The Cajun Hot Sticks.

A site called Custom Ink also offers some funny team names, but this site is slightly different. It has a t-shirt creation service that allows you to get your team names printed out on shirts. It also lists some of the top names from several different categories. Some of their top funny names are Scuba Steves, Team No Glove No Love, Better With Beer, Team Nude, and Toxic Sushi. This site even lets you see what teams are using the names. For most teams that have ordered shirts, you can see a team picture of them wearing their shirts, along with a bit of information about them such as location and what kind of team they are. It only takes a few minutes to do an internet search, so there are no excuses for having a boring team name. And hey, if you want you can even get your rival’s team name and logo printed on custom novelty toilet paper! So go out on a limb to score a funny team name and have a great time with your team!

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Ayurveda Ingredients
Learn why Alternative Medicine Like Ayurveda is Gaining Attention
Why is the complementary system of healing known as Ayurveda gaining attention in these times? With the apparent significant strides being made in traditional western medicine philosophy and medical practices, what makes Ayurveda an important new option? To gain a clearer perspective of what makes Ayurveda and alternative medicine courses in Ayurvedic medicine alluring is to first begin with its precepts.

Ayurveda in the ancient language of Sanskrit means "The Science of Life". It originated on the Indian subcontinent over 5,000 years ago stemming from Vedic culture. Also known as being the "Mother of All Healing", it was handed down by masters to their pupils from generation to generation; until today it forms the current Ayurvedic practice.

Some of the better known western alternative medicine courses such as homeopathy and polarity treatment have their roots in Ayurvedic teaching and philosophy. The basis of Ayurveda is on prevention and balance, rather than the western medical practice of treating symptoms. Ayurvedic, through centers like the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico offer alternative medicine courses to interested students and those seeking to learn more about this field.

Attention is placed on the holistic approach of maintaining one’s health by balancing one’s life. This is done through diet, exercise, right thinking, and using herbs. Alternative medicine courses explain that when any one of these areas is out of balance, there is disorder and disease will result. Order is the natural state when one is balancing these different areas, while disorder and disease result when emotional or physical changes cause stress.

Further studies reveal how Ayurvedic alternative medicine courses teach ways to re-establish this order and bring back balance. It follows a holistic and natural course of healing based on simple principles. Ayurvedic medicine does not object to western medical approaches, such as surgery or acute medical care, yet it also minimizes the use of toxic medicines or drugs as a cure.

For alternative medicine courses in Ayurvedic medicine, resources include ; and

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Tennis court match playing learn
Learn to Play Tennis and Improve Your Game
Tennis is a great sport that requires a lot of stamina and skill. Many people decide to learn tennis because it is great way to meet people who share a similar passion and for lasting relationships through the tennis partners you play regularly. However, to learn tennis does require a good fundamental grasp of the game so, for many beginners, sports coaching is necessary.

Beginning to learn tennis usually requires sports coaching with a large group of people. This is helpful because everyone needs to learn the same techniques and fundamentals when they are first starting to learn tennis. These sports coaching clinics can be found at local tennis courts, gyms, and country clubs, and are usually not too expensive, especially if you are already a member. Most of the clinics also have places where you can purchase quality tennis equipment and get advice of what is best for your game.

After you have attended a few of these clinics to learn tennis, you will have met people at the same skill level of playing as you. Like with any sport, one of the best ways to learn tennis is to play the game on a consistent basis. The more you play and learn tennis, the more fun the game will be. Other clinics will become available to teach you more advanced skills. These are usually done on a more one on one basis and will help you reach a higher level of competition. The better you get at this sport, the more satisfied you will be with your decision to learn tennis.

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