Learn Basic First Aid and Safety

Understanding the basics of first aid, safety and CPR is not designed to be difficult. When you weigh the benefits of learning these life saving techniques, it becomes easy to see that it’s well worth any time or finances invested to learn. First aid teaching jobs are traditionally carried out by paramedics and emergency medical technicians, and those who are certified first aid or CPR teachers.

Organizations such as the Red Cross ( www.redcross.org) and First Aid Web (www.firstaidweb.com) advertise courses for new students. Basic courses will normally include how to care and attend to bite wounds, cuts and scrapes, nosebleeds, bruises, burns, puncture wounds, fractures, head injuries, electric shocks and choking; along with emergency CPR.

Individuals interested in first aid teaching jobs will be in the health care profession which requires skilled teachers to give classes to employees. Below is a compiled list of other professions where first aid teaching jobs and teachers are needed:

  • Divers
  • Confined space workers
  • Electric Power, Generator, Transmission Workers
  • Group or Staffed Residential Homes
  • Logging Operations
  • Child Placement Services and Agencies
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Child Care Professionals including Preschools and Schools

First aid teaching jobs are recognized and needed internationally. Individuals seeking careers in teaching first aid and training workers should easily find nationwide and overseas jobs.

For the average person interested in learning first aid, and those seeking first aid teaching jobs, there are 5 important categories to consider. These 5 different groups / categories for those either learning or teaching first aid include: people who work with adults only; people who work with both children and adults; people who work in the health care profession; people who live in rural areas or places farther away from EMS; and people interested in specialty courses.

For additional listings of first aid teaching jobs and certification required see www.thesafetycenter.us

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