Train Frisbee for Fun and a Great Workout

Ultimate, also known as ultimate frisbee, is a non-contact sport played with a Frisbee or flying disc. The actual game of Ultimate was developed by a group of high school students in 1968. Stats show that today the Frisbee sport is played by over 4.9 million people in the U.S. (2008). For those just new to the game who want to learn the rules, techniques and hone their playing skills, a Frisbee trainer will be one of the best options.

Ultimate sports groups have formed around the country, as have those who work as a personal Frisbee trainer or coach. The primary sports group named the Ultimate Players Association, previously the UPA, renamed USA Ultimate. Regional tournaments are held annually, with various divisions such as college, club, youth, Ultimate Leagues, women’s leagues, Beach and USA National teams.

If you are currently a skilled Ultimate player and you’re contemplating becoming an Ultimate coach, or Frisbee trainer, you are to be congratulated. There are plenty of young aspiring players who will definitely need your assistance and benefit from your coaching and experience.

What about if you’re an aspiring player and have hopes to play in the big leagues and tournaments some day. Where do you start your professional career? You might want to first start by finding a Frisbee trainer or Ultimate coach who is willing to teach you the techniques and moves that will catapult you into the big leagues. If you’re a dedicated, die-hard and determined Ultimate sportsman, you’ll need a frisbee trainer.

The best place to begin your search to find a Frisbee trainer, or get you started is by looking over the USA Ultimate site itself ( There are plenty of excellent articles, important information, latest news and advice even on how you can locate a Frisbee trainer or coach.

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