Learn why Alternative Medicine Like Ayurveda is Gaining Attention

Why is the complementary system of healing known as Ayurveda gaining attention in these times? With the apparent significant strides being made in traditional western medicine philosophy and medical practices, what makes Ayurveda an important new option? To gain a clearer perspective of what makes Ayurveda and alternative medicine courses in Ayurvedic medicine alluring is to first begin with its precepts.

Ayurveda in the ancient language of Sanskrit means "The Science of Life". It originated on the Indian subcontinent over 5,000 years ago stemming from Vedic culture. Also known as being the "Mother of All Healing", it was handed down by masters to their pupils from generation to generation; until today it forms the current Ayurvedic practice.

Some of the better known western alternative medicine courses such as homeopathy and polarity treatment have their roots in Ayurvedic teaching and philosophy. The basis of Ayurveda is on prevention and balance, rather than the western medical practice of treating symptoms. Ayurvedic, through centers like the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico offer alternative medicine courses to interested students and those seeking to learn more about this field.

Attention is placed on the holistic approach of maintaining one’s health by balancing one’s life. This is done through diet, exercise, right thinking, and using herbs. Alternative medicine courses explain that when any one of these areas is out of balance, there is disorder and disease will result. Order is the natural state when one is balancing these different areas, while disorder and disease result when emotional or physical changes cause stress.

Further studies reveal how Ayurvedic alternative medicine courses teach ways to re-establish this order and bring back balance. It follows a holistic and natural course of healing based on simple principles. Ayurvedic medicine does not object to western medical approaches, such as surgery or acute medical care, yet it also minimizes the use of toxic medicines or drugs as a cure.

For alternative medicine courses in Ayurvedic medicine, resources include www.ayurveda.com ; and www.nccam.nih.gov.

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