Weird Sports Gifts

Buying gifts again? Sometimes it feels like all you buy for people are clothes and coffee makers. Go out on a limb and get some weird sports gifts for your friends and family – when they look at their new shirts, they'll thank you! There are plenty of sites on the internet that provide weird sports gifts of all sorts, all you have to do is look. is a great site to go for many types of gifts. In their Sports section, you will find some weird sports gifts like beer kegs with the colors and logos of football, baseball, hockey, and other sports teams. They also have stainless steel Martini shakers of the teams as well.

Remember Snuggies? Thing You Never Knew has tons of different kinds, some with college teams and numbers. Others have NFL teams and logos, and include pillows on the bottom so you can be comfortable at cold games. For the golfers, the site features a small brown sack for golf balls – a Golf Ball Sack. It holds two balls and says “It takes balls to golf.”

There is an especially interesting gift, a blood pressure monitor for your wrist. This monitor will inflate and tell you your pulse rate and blood pressure. It even has a short memory and can tell you the averages over a period of several sessions. This site offers a surprise package of three weird sports gifts in one, and you will not know which ones until it is opened. This may be a better gift for yourself than for someone else. has some great weird sports gifts you might want to consider. Most of these are alcohol related and are meant for sports fans, such as the Beer Holding Hoodie and the Binocular Flask. The hoodie has a convenient pouch for holding a can or bottle of beer. The binoculars do not actually work, but they do hold 16 ounces of your favorite drink. One of the best weird sport gifts is the Big Daddy Driver – Weed Whacking Golf Club. This golf club has actually won an award for being so strange. When you slice one into the rough, you can cut your way out with this combination weed whacker/golf club.

There are also many other weird sports gifts you will find scattered throughout the internet. Football lovers will love the NFL Stadium Phone. This is a small likeness of a football field, with inserts for all the NFL teams. It is animated with lights and sounds, so it takes a few batteries. Football rings are also available for your favorite teams. The rings are made of steel and feature the logo of the team. Speaking of logos for teams, one of the best weird sports gifts of all time is custom print toilet paper with your most hated team logo. Yes, you can wipe out your rival or most-hated team by ordering custom print toilet paper with their logo—and it is even safe to use!

There are tons of weird sports gifts out there, all you have to do is look. They may only be found physically in novelty shops, but the internet is full of stores with all sorts of weird products. Make your holiday or birthday present a little more interesting than the average gift.

Photo Credit: Don Graham

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