How Aerobics Teachers make Their Workouts Count

Flexibility, strength training and cardio workout are just some of the hallmarks you can expect when you train aerobics. The word ‘aerobic’ has its origin in Greek; with the word “aero” meaning air, and “bios” meaning life. Literally, aerobic translates as ‘with oxygen’ or ‘living in the presence of oxygen’.

The underlying principle that is achieved when a person begins to train aerobics is that as the body is exercised, there is an increased need for oxygen. The heart begins pumping faster, the blood pumps quicker through the organs and tissue, oxygen is spread quickly throughout every part of the body. The lungs and circulation begin working at their peak capacity. As a person’s inner athlete has the opportunity to emerge when beginning to train aerobics, transformations occur. Increased health, vitality and happiness are noted results.

Each aerobic teacher might have their personal tips and area of expertise. There are different exercises or routines instructors use to train aerobics and can include jogging, running, hiking, cycling, dancing, walking, swimming, even stair climbing.

One of the newest techniques that well-known instructors who train aerobics are encouraging students to focus on is the short quick and to the point exercises. Begin by doing a short, optimum workout, take a break or interval, and then begin another shorter intense workout. By following this routine of shorter spurts, they say it actually gives greater results as well as impacts the important growth hormone.

Another key when you begin to train aerobics is that you have to be consistent. Aerobics instructors continually stress the need for consistency in building up strength. With consistency in routine it also helps to reduce any potential harm or damage to your body. The benefits of daily exercise are seen in the 3-fold transformations that begin in the body, in increased energy and in a positive mental outlook.

Adding strength training to your aerobic activity is also a method that aerobics instructor’s use to make their workouts count. Using heavier dumbbells and barbells or adding resistance to your aerobic workout gives it the perfect balance of aerobic training and strength training at the same time. This allows you to cut your workout time down. For instance, adding more resistance to your cycling or rowing machine while workout out is a great way to develop leg muscles and arm muscles, which will in turn increase your resting metabolism. BodyPump is the latest craze in group aerobics classes created by Les Mills. It incorporates the use of free weights and barbells into the aerobic workout routine and is gaining in popularity.

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