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Want to feel that adrenaline rush? Do something you’ve never done before? There is nothing in the world like thrusting yourself out of an airplane, freefalling faster than you can imagine, and being saved by the parachute!

Skydiving jumps cover the entire globe, and range from the more common jumps of 11, 12, or 13,000 feet above sea level, to as high as 18,000 feet! You will generally reach speeds of 124mph in your freefall before releasing your parachute and gliding serenely through the sky.

The jump all alone is worth the trip, but the view is quite breathtaking as well, especially if you get the skydiving jumps that go over the water, landing you on a beach.

To find skydiving jumps near you, look up a well known, accredited skydiving company. You can find listings of these online, as well as in some phone directories. One of the best ways to find the highest rated skydiving jumps is to browse various skydiving websites and read reviews from the skydiving community. These clubs have comprehensive listings of the best skydiving locations in the country.

The training you need before your jump is more extensive if you go alone, but pretty short and sweet if you go tandem. That’s the one where the skydiving instructor is on your back—literally. Tandem requires a short orientation of about 30 minutes before skydiving jumps, whereas alone requires a standard First Jump Course, or FJC of about 4 hours.

Be sure you’re prepared before setting out for one of the skydiving jumps near you. This is not a relaxed sport; there is risk involved. Although the leading skydiving companies have multiple safety precautions, you jump at your own risk. Be aware of this and consider carefully if skydiving jumps are the sport for you.

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