Ten Tips to Learn for Improving your Baseball Game

Baseball is an intense, challenging, and fun game, requiring a great deal of skill concentration, and athleticism. There are many different facets of the game which you must learn completely and master in order to play properly, and the challenges can sometimes seem impossible. But by following a few simple tips, you can take your game of baseball from amateur to pro in no time at all.

  1. The first thing to learn in the game of baseball is how to swing a bat. A great tip is to figure out which part of the bat causes what effect: for instance, hit with the most effective part of the bat in order to get a home run.
  2. Learn to swing with both arms. Not only will this ensure that your game of baseball can keep going even with one injured arm, it can also help you with coordination, timing, and versatility.
  3. Learn to use the bunt. The bunt is an often overlooked technique in baseball, with so many players simply trying to bash the ball as hard as they can. The bunt is an extremely tactical move in some cases and should certainly be employed when appropriate.
  4. Use your legs when hitting the ball. Most of the power comes from the lower half of your body in a swing.
  5. Do arm exercises to improve your swing and throw. Exercises not only help you hit and throw harder but can also prevent injury.
  6. When doing pitching drills, always do them in correct form. Practicing in correct form means you play in correct form as well.
  7. When you throw, throw in a way designed to stop a run by aiming at the base ahead of the runner.
  8. Keep a sense of humor when you play. Remember that the game of baseball isn’t about winning; it’s about having fun and getting exercise.
  9. Be open to criticism from your team. They can see what is wrong with your game of baseball.
  10. Re-evaluate your playing regularly. You can even take videos and watch them after the game of baseball to see what you tend to do wrong, and find out which areas need improvement.

Photo Credit:Daniel X. O'Neil

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