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Are you racking your brain trying to think of funny team names? Are you starting some intramural sports, a pickup team, or a fantasy league team? You probably want a great name, but perhaps you can't think of one this time, or you're having some inner team conflict. Apparently this is not an uncommon problem, because there are dozens of internet web sites built with the express purpose of providing people with funny team names. Want to be the Geeks N Sneaks? The Intentional Foulers or Balls Deep? Take a quick tour of the internet, and you can find plenty of team name ideas.

Buzzle is a low-end site that has a relatively small selection of funny sports team names. This site features funny team names for basketball, dodge ball, and soccer. Some of the basketball names are Victorious Secret, The Flying Apes, Loony ArmChair, and The Ninja Turdles. Some dodge ball names are Apples and Oranges, No Punt Intended, Spiked Punch, Set to Kill, and Ball Hogzz. Some of their soccer names are Leg Breakers, Big Ben's Missing Teeth, Junior Mints, and Ruud Brood. This is not one of the best sites you will find, but it is good for some quick inspiration.

A much better site is Team Names. This site is much better looking, has many more funny team names, and allows a rating and comment system for the names. The funny names on this site are geared mostly towards the online fantasy leagues. There are hundreds (yes hundreds) of names on this site, but there is also a sorting function. You can sort the team names by their rating, either highest or lowest first, or you can sort the names alphabetically with either a or z first. Some of their top names are French Toast Mafia, Big Test Icicles, Scared Hitless, The Mighty Morphin Flower Arrangers, and Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies.

Some of their names for fantasy football are Multiple Scorgasms, e-LEMON-aters, and Team Ramrod. Some of their basketball names are Hoops! I Did it Again, Smokin Aces, Ball Busters, Basket Brawlers, and Screw Balls. Some of their top baseball names are The Master Batters, Blue Balls of Destiny, Got The Runs, and The Artful Dodgers. Some of their funny hockey names are Buster McThunderstick, Penalty Box Heroes, The Stickman Clan, Rubber Puckies, and The Cajun Hot Sticks.

A site called Custom Ink also offers some funny team names, but this site is slightly different. It has a t-shirt creation service that allows you to get your team names printed out on shirts. It also lists some of the top names from several different categories. Some of their top funny names are Scuba Steves, Team No Glove No Love, Better With Beer, Team Nude, and Toxic Sushi. This site even lets you see what teams are using the names. For most teams that have ordered shirts, you can see a team picture of them wearing their shirts, along with a bit of information about them such as location and what kind of team they are. It only takes a few minutes to do an internet search, so there are no excuses for having a boring team name. And hey, if you want you can even get your rival’s team name and logo printed on custom novelty toilet paper! So go out on a limb to score a funny team name and have a great time with your team!

Photo Credit: Kevin N. Murphy

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