How to Play Dodgeball like a Pro

Dodgeball is one of the most popular childhood games ever invented. The best thing about playing dodge ball is that you need not train extensively and practice hard in order to learn the technicalities of the game. There is no formal education or class needed to master the game—in fact, you will be able to play dodgeball by simply watching a single round!

But when you play dodgeball, it is a must to know important techniques—whether you are the one attempting to dodge or catch the ball or the person tasked at throwing the balls to the opposing team.

When you play dodgeball, the first rule to consider is FOCUS. If one ball is aimed at you, keep your eyes on it. If there are multiple balls used to play dodgeball, the rule of thumb is to focus on an inanimate object and use your peripheral vision in avoiding the balls from hitting you.

It is also a good practice to learn how to be flexible and create BODY ANGLES. There will definitely be moments in the game when you won’t have any chance to move away from the ball. There is still a chance for you to dodge it—that is through twisting your body or flexing in angles in order to avoid it from hitting you. As such, before you play dodgeball, it is essential to engage your team in stretching and flexibility exercises.

For the team who is tasked to throw the balls and hit the opponents on the court, it is an old but effective tip to AIM AT THE SHIN. It is a common rule to aim at the shin when you play dodgeball as the height of an average person’s throw is perfect to target the shin.

And last but not the least, it is important to put in mind and apply the word TEAMWORK when you play dodgeball. Dodgeball is easily won through teamwork, especially when we speak of risking being hit in order to save a better team member.

Photo Credit:Jonathan Assink

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