Singing for Charles

Singing for Charles Barkley might be a new career for Shaquille O’Neal. The 4-time NBA Champion shocked the world with his innovative lyrical skills back on May 27, 2011. Holding up a sign that saw Barkley in drag, Shaq began to sing and dance his heart out on “Inside the NBA.” To date, the video of his performance remains as viral as ever. In fact, the video has received well over 25,000 views on You Tube. As Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley, and Ernie Johnson laughed their heads off, Shaq continued to sing and dance to an infectious hip-hop beat. O’Neal is no stranger to hip-hop, as he appeared on the Fu-Shnicken’s “What’s Up Doc?” song and video several years ago. While Shaq was merely poking fun at his Barkley, countless fans enjoyed his live performance and improvisation.

The cardboard cutout of Barkley also soared in popularity last year. From San Antonio to New York, fans of the 11-time NBA All-star began carrying Barkley signs at games and events. Singing for Charles also showcased O’Neal’s hidden talents. Not only did Shaq create the hilarious rap, he was also on cue for the entire duration of the song. O’Neal also utilized the bounce sub-genre of rap, which continues to dominate dance floors all across the globe. To some, Shaq also captured the essence of Luther Campbell’s Miami bass style of rap that was prevalent years ago. As Barkley nearly fell off his seat laughing, fans also got a chance to see the lighter side of Shaquille.

While no official title has been giving to the song and video, “Singing for Charles” might as well be it. In fact, this is the most popular term on Google and video sharing sites for the song. There are also a number of mock videos that emulate Shaq’s dancing and musical skills. The video also continues to attract NBA and music fans, as well as basketball enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. Shaq’s performance also made his transition into the “Inside” team easier and enjoyable. While O’Neal is known for his serious and reserved demeanor on the court, his touch of comedy will now follow him for years on end.

The cardboard cutout of Barkley in a dress was from a Weight Watchers commercial. Barkley has always been known for his comedic nature and antics. This time around, however, it was his turn to be in the spotlight. Singing for Charles might even propel Shaq to officially record the parody song. Rumor has it that he has been approached on more than one occasion about licensing or making the song an official anthem. The song and video, however, may only continue to be a highlight on various comedy and sports reels. While O’Neal and Barkley have been fierce rivals on the court, it was great to see them laugh and have a good time on the air. In fact, many are commenting that Barkley will get Shaq back one of these days. For now, Singing for Charles continues to be one of the most hilarious and popular songs by a world-renowned basketball athlete.

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