Sports Coaching Jobs - How and Where to Find Them

Getting a job in sports coaching can be a very rewarding way to make a little money, give back to the community, or keep in touch with a sport you are getting too old to play yourself. Of course, you can also make money working for yourself coaching private lessons on Many parents also choose to teach sports to their children as bonding experience, but also they keep themselves and their children active and in shape.

If you are just looking to start out sports coaching, it is probably best to start to teach sports to children who are at a young developmental age. Jobs like these are usually on a volunteer basis or pay very little at all. However, they are important to develop your own basic coaching skills without the pressure of a higher paying sports coaching job.

To teach sports to younger children, it is important to remember to coach individuals as well as a team. While many sports are built around winning as a team, as kids are just beginning, sports coaching should focus more on individual skills and improvement than team winning.

Once you have some experience coaching younger children, you might want to move up to a higher level of sports coaching. You may need to go through a sports coaching licensing program to obtain certification to coach older kids; this depends on the sport. Once licensed, finding sports coaching jobs that pay pretty well are usually on higher profile travel teams and high school teams. Getting these sports coaching jobs will require some time in the local sports community to build a high enough reputation to get hired.

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