Horses are some of the most beautiful and powerful creatures in the world. If you love riding and caring for horses, not to mention being outdoors and enjoying beautiful scenery and nature, then perhaps the life of a horseback riding coach is for you.

As a horseback riding coach you need to be willing to fulfill a few duties and requirements. For one thing, you must be able to deal with the dirtier side of horses, including feeding, cleaning, and mucking. A horseback riding coach must also be able to know how to give medication to a horse and keep it as healthy as possible. The job may also require long hours and weekends of working, instructing, and caring for the horses.

Not only that, a horseback riding coach must also have the skills needed to teach. You must primarily be able to ride skillfully, and you must also know enough about it to be able to pass your knowledge on to your students. You have to be patient and willing to work with people. You need good communication and people handling skills. And you might even need to know first aid in case of an accident.

The job of a horseback riding coach can be tough, and you must spend a good deal of time putting in the hours of study in order to get the qualification that you need. There are only a few places to get good quality certification, and that means you will probably have to invest a good deal of money.

The investments a career as a horseback riding coach requires may be intimidating for a newcomer, but there’s no need to worry. Though you pay a bit in time and money initially, all that pays off when you get to teach and pass on our knowledge to others. The privilege of sharing the skills necessary to be able to ride such a beautiful animal as the horse is completely worth the cost.

Photo Credit:Phil Plait

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