Be a Fun and Effective Inline Skating Coach

Sometimes considered to be the faster and more versatile cousin of roller skating, inline skating is a great sport for all ages. Just like any other form of skating, a good inline skating team needs an inline skating coach to keep it at its best. If you are that coach, then here are some ways for you to be the most effective and fun inline skating coach your team has even worked with.

Even if you have little to no experience as an inline skating coach, you can still be a great coach if you remember a few things. Number one is that having fun is more important than anything else in the game, even winning. You want to make sure your team is having as much fun as possible, and you do that by finding out what they enjoy doing. Tend toward practices and drills that combine fun with exercise, for instance having races and playing games while you skate. Most of all make all of the hard effort worth it by trying to reward progress as much as possible. They can learn to like you as their inline skating coach if you just put a little effort into it.

While you want to be sure your team is having fun, you need to create a balance between the fun and the progress. If you have to, it’s better to sacrifice the progress, but why should you have to give up anything. Be sure your team respects you as their inline skating coach, for one, and show them their due respect as well. Take your players where they’re at, not expecting too much of them or pushing them too hard. Most of all, keep tight discipline. Be firm and definite in your resolutions, and teach your team to obey you. If you can strike the perfect balance between fun and effectiveness, you will be the best inline skating coach your team has ever had.

Photo Credit: Frank Bättermann

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