Ten Sales Tips that Every Sales Professional Needs to Know

Today’s top sales performers will be faced with economic challenges and global competition on an ever increasing scale. Here are 10 tips we’ve put together that can keep any sales professional standing out in the crowd and performing above the group.

  1. Set high targets. A sales professional doesn’t wait for his or her boss to set goals for them. They set their own sights and even make sure their goals are higher than the boss’.
  2. Schedule – They know how to effectively and efficiently plan their day, week, month, and each quarter or year in advance.
  3. Another trait is they will set an objective or goal before calling on their prospects.
  4. A sales professional will know the relevant questions to ask their prospects, and these are targeted to the heart of the matter. Don’t ask weak questions that lead nowhere, get to the hard questions, the real core that makes the prospect think.
  5. They don’t do all the talking, they take time to deeply listen to their prospects to find out what they need and want.
  6. The sales professional doesn’t assume they automatically know what the customer wants; they will ask them for clarification.
  7. They will wait for the right moment to present their product to the prospect. Nothing is worse than pre-empting the opportune moment or giving the sales pitch before you understand what the customer wants.
  8. The professional will begin the presentation by summarizing how they see or understand the prospect’s situation and requirements.
  9. The sales professional knows how to show the prospect how their product is relevant to them.
  10. The professional will anticipate a rejection ahead of time, and be prepared with an appropriate response.

  11. Bonus TIP:

  12. A sales professional will always follow up on a prospect after the initial call.

Photo Credit:Tim Parkinson

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