Why Choose Management as a Major

The bottom of every resume highlights the most daunting category, titled by the most alarming and intimidating word: skills. What should you put here? What does this flimsy piece of paper that determines your very future want from you? Should you write that you can pogo stick for four hours, or eat three Pop-Tarts and drink two juice pouches within ten minutes?

Honestly, we all know what we want to be able to write here: the ability to lead a large group of people towards a cohesive goal coupled with excellent time and sales management. Sprinkle the end with fluency in a couple of languages – and voila! You are not only a fantastically well rounded person, but you have a piece of paper to prove it! Now the question becomes, how do you actually develop proficiency and finesse in an elaborate array of diverse fields?

Management as a major is a great option. In order to see the extent to which a management degree can light the candles of success on the cake of a well-rounded career, we will go through just three of the many reasons why choosing management as a major might be a good step forward for your future.

  1. A diverse assortment of job opportunities.
    Graduates gain experience and a background in sales and contract management, accounting, marketing, statistics, and project management. This diverse amalgam of skills translates to foundations in careers in most major fields. According to Springfield College, this foundation supports thriving careers in most non-profits, the health care industry, and financial service firms. And, according to Rasmussen College, the top five jobs available in the field of management are Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, Project Manager, Human Resource Manager, and Director of Marketing.

  2. A great salary outlook for the most prevalent jobs.
    Because of the diverse array of careers, there is a large range in salaries for those with a management degree. According to Salary.com, Marketing Managers (the job with the most growth and positions) make a median annual salary of $88,201 (reported by HR as of May 2015). Sales Managers made a median annual salary of about $108,000 in 2013 according to US News. And, according to Salary.com, Project Managers made a median annual salary of about $67,000, Human Resource Managers made just over $90,000, and Directors of Marketing made a bit below $124,000.

  3. Individuals with management degrees have the opportunity to become leaders in the best sense of the word.
    With a list of skills so long that it will hardly fit on the one page limit of your resume, it will be easy to see what you’ve learned in the short time it takes you to get your degree. These skills won’t just complete a piece of paper either, they can be the building blocks to being your own boss and fulfilling your own sense of self. With leadership skills, the ability to manage a team, entrepreneurial abilities, goal setting and goal reaching, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish career wise, nor will your opportunities to continue learning and building your skills ever cease.

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