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The 4 Investment Assets You do not Have to Report to the U.S. Government
Economics is a tricky subject, and opinions differ widely on the status and future course of the U.S. economy. Some experts on one news network will give an opinion that is the complete opposite of that given by the expert on another news network, and it is difficult to know who to trust. In general people who know investing seem to think that things are looking better, but some people are beginning to look to non-U.S. sources for financial security, in particular the 4 investment assets you do not have to report to the U.S. government.

These assets were recently popularized in a report titled 'The 4 Investment Assets You Do NOT Have to Report to the U.S. Government' by the Stansberry & Associates Investment Research group, led by Porter Stansberry. This report begins by warning that the apparent calm of the economy will soon erupt into chaos, primarily because of the tax burdens being placed on the very wealt...

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You are Welcome to Post Anonymously by Entering a Nickname with no Password
Anonymity is becoming more and more important as our Internet privacy is continually being threatened. Most people do not want to share personal information when contributing and commenting on websites, so some sites will say that you are welcome to post anonymously by entering a nickname with no password. This is obviously ideal for shy people in general. As you know, the nickname you create, also known as a handle, username, or login name, will then represent you. In some cases you will be issued an automatically numbered name, like Guest1754. Of course, the tradeoff can be spam.

One of the most popular sites where you are welcome to enter a nickname is . This is a discussion forum/bulletin board that is based around images. Anyone can post anything, as long as it sticks to the provided rules – among other things, this includes avoiding spam, not breaking the law, and not complaining abo...

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Powered by Burning Book
There are several web forums that are powered by Burning Book. While some deal with web enhancement and analytics, others are designed for media videos and posts. Burning Book is a popular global program that facilitates a myriad of on-line communities. In fact, their latest release Burning Board 3 continues to soar in global and web popularity. These applications help users create and monitor community forums. These can be public portals, along with private boards that require usernames and passwords. While some utilize these boards for fantasy sports sites, others use them for community bulletin boards and other endeavors. With the newest versions, there are also built-in forums for new and existing users alike.

Forums that are powered by Burning Book entail better features than generic or standard boards. For one, these programs enable users to build or design community boards from scratch. This includes registration options, along with polls, user insight, screen nam...

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The Basics of Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship in our country is quite like the American Dream. It is the one business idea that will not go away, and despite what you’ve been told, the one we all fundamentally believe in. One of the great things about entrepreneurship is that almost anyone with an idea and belief can be an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is a combination of three factors. Firstly, it is a skill set. This means that entrepreneurs are made rather than born and that everyone has the opportunity to acquire these skills and put them to use. Secondly, there are personal characteristics that define an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur will have high expectations for him or herself and will have high achievement goals. Settling for less or conforming is out of the question. There’s a low need to go by the traditional or conventional ways of thinking. One of the most evident characteristics of an entrepreneur is their tendency to take risks. They’re all about expansion and movement, so bei...

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Certification in Audio & Video Studies
Audio and video training certainly cannot be considered the easiest of fields. But, for those who have a knack for it, the learning process can magically flow like clockwork!

For the many people that are this type and are looking for the perfect opportunity to improve their knowledge and expand their skills, there has never been a more opportune time! Audio and video tools are used nowadays more then ever before. It follows that audio and video training is more accessible, well rounded, affordable and relevant then ever before.

There are many opportunities to get this training, with varied options for learning preferences. Do you prefer to learn at home, to study on your own time? Or do you do better in a school setting? Within most audio and video training courses you would have both traditional study methods as well as also the opportunity to learn in a sound studio, the basics of recording, mixing, signal flow and video editing and audio editing.

Courses availa...

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Human Resource Man
Advice for Humans in the Human Resource Field
One of the most strongly emerging fields in business is human resources. This is no surprise, of course. Human Resources skills are some of the most essential skills in any sphere of business. And, as such, there is great demand for people that handle interpersonal relations well, as well as people that have experience handling difficult human situations. Of course, it absolutely helps to work on your people skills in any and every way possible. Following are some tips on how to improve and hone your potential Human Resources skills.

There probably isn’t any set way to handle people, but there definitely are many techniques or ways that people have used in the past in the situations where Human Resources skills would be applicable. And the wonderful thing is that many of these people have written entire books on the subject. One of the best and most renowned books written on the subject is Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. It has been widely regarded f...

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The Average Nursing Faculty Salary
There are many factors that affect the average nursing faculty salary. Various nursing prerequisites are required such as experience, the amount of education that has been acquired, and which if any specialized training has been received. The state where the nursing job is also influences greatly what the average nursing faculty salary is.

The first and foremost vital factor that affects average nursing faculty salaries is experience. Once all of the educational nursing prerequisites are obtained, experience is needed. The number of years that a nurse has worked greatly affects the income. For this reason, upon graduating from school, it is important to quickly get the maximum experience that is possible. Working in different areas of the nursing field is also a good idea to get well-rounded experience and knowledge. The amount of years that a nurse has been practicing plays a role in the nursing faculty salary as well.

Of course, performance in the job will also...

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Event Speaker
Tips on How to Hire an Event Speaker
Are you looking for a way to hire an event speaker or keynote speaker that will motivate your target audience and pack in a successful learning experience? Do you want to give value, information and a memorable, meaningful occasion to your audience, leaving them with something that has the potential to change their life? Then you have to understand the important groundwork that goes on behind the scenes in planning your event.

There may not be a magical formula for being able to give your stakeholders or executive team members and your audience the winning speaker with an expert topic who will be the perfect match, but as you read on you’ll see that there are specific key steps you can take which will benefit you, the event planner - and will assist you to find and hire an event speaker with an expert topic that gets your audience activated and participating. After all, isn’t that the goal you want to achieve?

Success Steps to Hire an Event Speaker

What’s at ...

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