Google Fail
Searches in Dogpile to any Site Using Google Fails
I hat to tell you this, but the three biggest search engines on the net, namely Google, Yahoo, and Bing, by their very nature possess basically zero privacy. This is especially the case when dealing with the 500 lb gorilla, Google. The amount of information that Google deals with, and all the money and logistics involved, has slowly but surely turned it into something amazing, yet that is more of a hassle than anything else in some respects.

Searches in Dogpile Using Google Fails

There is another search engine online that uses a different set of parameters when searching for relevant results. Rather than relying on search data heavily influenced by commercialism, as is the case with Google, Dogpile claims to use a Metasearch technology. It looks at the results of all major search engines, and bases its results on what it finds.

The problem is that if one searches for something in all of the major search engines, they will get different results from each one. Dogpile will notice this, and give the most relevant results from each!

Searches in Dogpile can be a fun digital adventure when Google fails, and it’s typically pretty funny when it happens. In fact, there are dedicated websites online that document and bring light to these funny things in Google. Often people take these fails from Google, check them out in Dogpile, and discover the truth of the matter. This is most often the case when Google’s artificial intelligence algorithms attempt to fill out the auto complete based on the beginning of what a user types. Of course their getting better all the time, but that involves an algorithm that can predict people, and some wacky people can be crazy hard to predict.

For example, if one begins to type in “I hate it when”, all kinds of ridiculous things show up in the auto complete that would leave most people scratching their heads. However, someone must have been searching for these things. So, after recalling those searches in Dogpile using "Google fails," they see what Dogpile has to say about these odd sites.

The Magic of Google Maps

Another place where people go to find truly unexplainable things, like a fighter jet sitting casually in the parking lot of a seminary school, is Google maps. Individuals that take the time to search around can end up finding odd things and the rare mistake that Google obviously screwed up. However, if they then test the idea for searches in Dogpile using "Google fails", they can input “Jet in School Parking Lot” and see what all of the search engines are saying at once, and perhaps find the reason for the odd placement of military assets.

When users check out the searches in Dogpile to any site using the "Google fails" search term, they find that there is more to the net than Google, Yahoo, or Bing. They finally break out of the Google bubble, and experience everything else that users worldwide are offering. From the comedic antics, to serious information for serious inquiries, metasearch technology like the kind Dogpile employs brings a whole new experience outside of the mainstream.

Glasses on Resume
Create a Winning Resume
To land the job you’re seeking, you will need to have the best resume you can. In order to get a prospective employer to consider you when skimming over your resume, you want to catch their attention and spark interest. Although there is no one set rule of thumb that applies across board or that guarantees you’ll land the interview, there are several factors that will increase your chances over the competition.

The first place to start in writing your best resume is with content; keep in mind that you are advertising yourself and telling a prospective employer that when he hires you he will get what is advertised.

Next consider the industry you will send your best resume to. Research the company and find out what they do, who is their management, what do they look for in their employees, what do they need, and any other information that will help you. Tailor your resume around their needs, putting your best foot forward. This is where you can honestly toot your horn; just keep it specific to their needs and how you will fill it. The first few paragraphs should be the strongest to make yours the best resume they see. The person hiring might receive up to 200 or more resumes, so sell yourself in the first 2 paragraphs.

Most hiring managers screen resumes quickly and have to look at hundreds a resumes a day. When these managers read resumes, they skim through each one in a matter of seconds. Places to put emphasis include your objective and summary. These paragraphs give out a lot more information about the candidate than meets the eye. You want to make sure that your grammar and spelling in these paragraphs are flawless. Summarize your qualifications but also add something unique about yourself that would allow you to stand out from the pack.

After you’ve written the first section of your best resume, the 2nd section should be devoted to backing up your sales and advertising pitch with the hard evidence; your job and work history. Here you don’t want to go overboard, but rather include the main highlights which clinch the deal and give them reason to want to phone you right away. Add mystery by keeping it brief while showing them what you’ve accomplished.

Employers nowadays will use automated computer programs that search candidate resumes for certain keywords. If your resume doesn’t include the keyword(s) that they are looking for, it will be ignored. Make sure you research the industry you are trying to get into and use the right keywords in your resume, but be sure not to overdo it as your resume still needs to be readable by a human being, such as the person you might be interviewing with!

If you are a new college graduate, make sure that you don’t just list all your college classes and grades in your resume and put that as the main emphasis. Most employers are not interested in how well you did in your classes, but how well you actually do on a job. Your job experience is what matters most. If you don’t have a lot of job experience, the best thing to do is to list how you contributed to any clubs or social activities at or outside your school, your responsibilities, and how you got things done.

And finally, keep your format simple and easy to read, use correct grammar, and double check for spelling errors. With this guide as a foundation you should be well on your way to creating the best resume you can.

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Hidden Object Picture Game
Free Unlimited Play No Time Limits Hidden Object Games
Have you jumped on the hidden object game bandwagon? These games, also known as hidden picture games, are puzzle-style computer video games. The player must find particular items in the scenery to progress through the storyline and complete the adventure. The first of these was created in 2005 by Big Fish Games. People love free unlimited play hidden object games with no time limits because you can play them as long as you want (duh...), and if they are of good quality then they can be lots of fun. Many of these involve mystery or detective narratives. Some of these are offered for a price, but there are many available websites that provide free games.

You can find some great examples at . In 'Surface: The Mystery of Another World,' you must explore a strange and mysterious world you find yourself in while traveling with your son. Find the clues and objects hidden in the area to save your boy before it is too late. 'Arizona Rose and the Pirate's Riddle' is another great game on this site. You play as Arizona Rose, a treasure hunter and antique collector. You come across an old map with a clue to the location of Blackbeard's forgotten treasure. This game features over 200 levels and some engaging mini-games.

One of their newest and most fascinating games is 'Theatre of the Absurd.' As Scarlett Frost, you are a specialist detective of the occult mysteries. You must travel to the Italian Alps to investigate the appearance of the enigmatic Hapsburg Cube, which is said to hold in thrall the spirits of ancient Babylonian demons. When the demons are released and possess the staff of a theatre, you must defeat them in the only way possible: by becoming possessed yourself, and entering the Theatre of the Absurd. (Just try not to spend less than an an afternoon once you get started on this over a weekend; bet you can't!) is another good place to find free hidden object games with no time limits. There is a new game featured on this site each week. One of their most popular games is 'Rita James and the Race to Shangri La.' Team up with Rita, Dr. James, Sebastian, and Marbles the one-eyed monkey as they seek out the legendary paradisical city. Avoid the deadly mining thugs and Yetis (that's a "Bigfoot") as you attempt to stop the evil Dr. Stroheim from exploiting Shangri La.

The top free hidden object games on this site with unlimited time are 'Mystery of Mortlake Mansion' and 'Mortimer Beckett and the Lost King.' In the former, explore an ancient and mysterious mansion of epic proportions. An evil curse has been placed on the mansion, trapping good souls within. Battle the evil Lord, break the spells, set free the captives within, and finally take over ownership the incredible mansion yourself. In 'Mortimer Beckett,' you find yourself lost in a strange world and confronted by an evil general. You must find the lost crown jewels to restore the proper king to his throne and get back to your own world.

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Downtown of New York City
How the World is in a Relationship with Advertising
When we think of what advertising is, we may think of commercials, internet pop-ups or billboards; but this is the traditional way of thinking. Advertising is so much more than that today. It has taken a prominent role in our lives, permanently changing how we operate and how we function.

Take for example, the brand name Nike. From the swoosh logo to the tagline heard around the world “just do it”, it has easily become one of the most recognizable brands there is. Their advertising team hit the jackpot with this killer concept and they are probably still patting themselves on the back for it, while the general public may not have noticed that it had such a profound or significant impact. A tagline serves two purposes; the first being that it reflects the brand positively, and the second being that it appeals to the target. Obviously for Nike, they did a just job. They successfully communicated their brand to not only their target market, but to the general public as well. It would be hard to find someone who was not familiar with Nike’s logo or tagline. Nike’s success is one of the best examples of what to do right in advertising.

An advertiser’s goal is to have a successful campaign, which entails promoting a good or a service. When a product or service is promoted successfully, sales increase. When sales increase, companies become stabilized, which results in people being able to keep their jobs. This is all assuming that the product or service is a desirable commodity. For example, no one (hopefully) would buy silverware for pets. The point is, advertising, and even marketing, are the backbone of a good company. If a company is not able to articulate their product or service to the public and bring in revenue, chances are that company will go under. And for whatever odd reason, the communications department is the first department to see lay-offs when the company is making cuts. What is a company without a skillful team of communicators? Well, there’s not much of one. Companies that do this will most likely find themselves going under too. Just recently, the Borders’s book chain fell victim to loss of revenue. Back in February 2011, the company filed for bankruptcy. It can’t be said for certain if the lack of activity in the advertising and marketing department resulted in loss of sales, but we can assume that a flourishing and full-staffed advertising department does not result in closures.

Advertising quite literally changes peoples lives. It can either provide the public with what they need, or they can die trying (figuratively speaking of course). Job stability is a major factor concerning efforts made by an advertiser, but it certainly isn’t the only one. Believe it or not, advertisers actually want to make high quality ads and campaigns: not for just their employment status, but for creativity’s sake too. A handful of advertisers are eager to implement new ideas and think outside of the box. This bunch thinks on the right side of their brain (pun intended). Every advertiser has an inventive and artistic itch that needs to be scratched. They may not itch everyday, but a good majority of the time, they’re pretty itchy. Advertisers sometimes refer to themselves as an “addy”. An addy is someone who is married to the art of advertising. They want to change the misconception that advertising is an annoying scheme to get peoples money. Rather, they want to revolutionize the idea that advertising is a unique interactive style of art.

An addy who is committed to the success of campaign, will spend days at the drawing board thinking of what works and what doesn’t. They’ll rip out pages in their notebooks brainstorming the perfect concept. True addys will only present fully baked ideas as the path to their objective. This is not saying advertisers are right every time when it comes to campaigns, but they need to feel like they are right. If the concept wasn’t a client’s cup of tea, an advertiser will build off that criticism and hone their skills to achieve a winning concept. Lacking confidence in a concept does not lead to the road to success, only believing does.

Advertising is not a shallow or simple field. The advertisements seen in magazines, heard on radios or seen on TV all started with a need. That need turned into an idea, the idea turned into an advertisement, that advertisement turned into revenue and that revenue either created a successful or unsuccessful venture. Whether advertising is appreciated or not, it can firmly be said that it helps the world go ‘round.

Past Mug Shot
How to Find Criminal Mug Shots Online
The prevalence of the internet today means that information is being shared faster and more efficiently than ever before. This is especially true within the legal and judicial sectors, where people need to find information about crimes and other events as quickly as possible. Mug shots are police record pictures of people who have been arrested. These are used for identification by investigators or the victims of crimes, and are taken in two parts – one view from the front, and one view from the side. You can now find criminal mug shots online that have been made available to the public on a variety of web sites.

There is some debate over the value of mug shots because they have become so commonly known and are strongly associated with crime. Therefore, anyone with a mug shot is often automatically seen as a criminal, even though having a mug shot does not mean that the person was convicted of a crime. Nevertheless, many sites still make use of their First Amendment rights and publish criminal mug shots online. The most legitimate of these sites do their best not to publish any untrue information or incriminate anyone without cause. is one of the best places to find criminal mug shots online. The philosophy behind this site is that public records should be made public. Mug shots are public records, and should therefore be published in an easy-to-access format. This site features links to several articles describing the benefits of online mug shot access – arrests have been made and people have turned themselves in due to online mug shots. The mug shots on this site often have a bit of information about the person and links to relevant news stories and articles.

This site includes a blog with articles about the latest major crimes and legal news stories. There are also sections dedicated to mug shots created by the FBI and Interpol, and international police organization. There are mug shot categories for terrorism, celebrities, sports, music artists, outlaws, and gangsters. Notably, Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid, and John Dillinger are all included in the 'outlaws' sections. There is also a 'favorites' category which features the most viewed mug shots on the site. This section has people with strange facial tattoos, hair, expressions, or other notable features. is another good place to find criminal mug shots online. This site features some slightly different types of information about the people in the photos. You will be able to see the age of the person, the location and date of the arrest, and the charges under which the person was arrested. There is a 'Most Wanted' section with mug shots of America's most wanted criminals and the crimes they are accused of. Most of these involve murder and drug trafficking. Another section provides location and contact information about children who have gone missing in America.

It is easy to think that anyone you see in criminal mug shots online is actually a criminal. Remember that mug shots are simply taken upon arrest, and are not specifically indicative of a crime. People are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, so be sure to use online mug shots wisely.

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