Church Anniversary Themes and Scriptures

These days church anniversary themes and scriptures strive to reflect the downward pressure of modern society on faith and empower the faithful. These occasions are of extreme importance to countless people, and the traditions involved are held sacred. While there are lots of different anniversaries involved in church life, in this article we’ll investigate some of the methods behind church anniversary themes and scriptures that are being used today. Additionally, we’ll go over some great tips for how to get one going.

Reasons Behind Celebration

Throughout scripture, the church is instructed to share itself, and its works with the world. Anniversaries are a way to show everyone all the wonderful things that have happened because of, and, within it. The history of a church is often times deeply rooted in the history of the area around it. It’s always a good idea for a congregation to periodically set aside some time to rejoice, celebrate, and in other words advertise itself to the community.Church anniversary themes and scriptures should be bright, colorful, and yet humble without being too flashy. The scriptures should be those that strengthen solidarity, and bring the faithful closer together with not only those they worship with, but those that have yet to be saved.

Frequency of Celebration

Typically most churches should strive to have an anniversary celebration every 25 years. This is because of the generational impact, but there is nothing wrong with having them more often. Ideally, major celebrations should happen throughout the year, and not always be in connection to holidays.

Church anniversary themes and scriptures come is countless different forms, and it’s not a good idea to have them always revolving around Christmas or Easter. They should strike a local tone that speaks for a church’s identity, while at the same time be representative of the church as a whole.

How it Works

The very first thing that a church should do is gather a committee they can appoint to look over and coordinate the celebration. Oftentimes church anniversaries can be highly complimented by bringing in the community to take part. The committee can work with artists and crafters all over town to come up with amazing results and advertising methods. The more people that take part in the celebration the better, but it needs to be orderly. Here are some tips:

  • Create a Theme - Once the theme is set, everything can build from there. The theme is the foundational aspect of everything.

  • Employ Members - Again, take advantage of gifts and members who want to contribute.

  • Pay Special Attention to Visuals - Both the overall environment of the church should be taken into account, and the indoor scheme. Any theme or decorations should compliment them.

  • Include Children - Children are always important because they remind people how important the church is for youth, and why memories are so important.

  • Reflect History - The biggest service that celebrations perform is bringing into the present, all the positive, encouraging, and inspiring things within the church’s history.

Church anniversary themes and scriptures are extremely important, but at the end of the day, what is most important is that the celebrations occur to bring people of faith closer together. Plan carefully, take advantage of the full congregation, and make memories that last.

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