Best Twitter Feeds to Follow

2012 has ushered in another tidal wave of social media trends. While other heavy hitters in the industry go public and then tank, Twitter holds strong; it grows. It’s hard to believe that as a company Twitter is less than 10 years old. Back in 2006, some said it was impossible for a concept that only allows 140 characters to prosper in a virtual reality based on communication. Ironically, it seems that last time anyone checked, there are about 150 million users on Twitter worldwide.

Twitter is a mass of swarming digital personas tapping into cultural revolutions, geo-political scandals, hacker collectives, and global shifts. Sometimes it’s hard for people new to the community to know where to start. The first thing to keep in mind is that while the user population is huge, they’re for the most part all tucked neatly into niche groups around common concepts, preferences, and tastes.

This article will touch on some of the best Twitter feeds to follow for the most talked about topics in the Twitterverse.

Best Twitter Feeds to Follow for News

  • For current events from a more anti-establishment perspective, “Occupy Wall Street” captured a portion of the news category. According to TIME magazine, it was one of the very best in 2012.
  • If one is after something with a less mainstream feel to it, “OMG Facts” is an extremely active account with nearly 5 million followers and counting.
  • However, through western media champions like “Anderson Cooper” and “BBC Breaking News,” anyone can be up to date on trending stories.
  • Best Twitter Feeds to Follow for Economic Data
  • “The Economist” has more than enough to offer the econ geeks out there who relish in the verbiage of money.
  • “Zerohedge” is an anonymous blog that delivers both in depth economic news daily, but incredible commentary.
  • “Freakonomics” may definitely be slanted to the left, but the quality of tweets and information that springs from the book’s following are quite interesting.

Best Twitter Feeds to Follow for Political Discourse

  • “Matt Taibbi” is a journalist most well known for his columns and articles in Rolling Stone. Everything he writes stirs controversy, but tells it like it is.
  • “The Daily Beast” stems from a blog with immense traffic that is steeped in the political drama of the day.
  • “Stephen Colbert” and the Colbert Nation always deliver the news with hard hitting and infinitely funny satire. Best Twitter Feeds to Follow for Entertainment
  • “GalleyCat” is for book and ebook lovers. They basically cover anything about books from nearly every angle imaginable.
  • “Televisionary” delivers all of the juicy TV details for those that love it. From network to reality shows they’ve got the skinny on all the good stuff.
  • “Eonline” attracts all the gossip lovers out there. If it has something to do with stars, then it’s being talked about on this feed.

Another method to get started is to simply use the hashtag feature. Sign into Twitter, think of a word that relates to any kind of interest, then put“#” before it into the search bar and hit enter. In seconds, tweets with that hashtag will blur across the screen waiting to be read, clicked, and followed. Enjoy!

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