How To, Who To, and More - The ABCs of Event Planning Jobs

Do you enjoy working with people? Are you an extremely well organized person? Are you good at planning, coordinating and handling logistics? Then it’s possible you could have an exciting career as an event planner. What does an event planner do exactly and where will you find event planning jobs?

First of all, event planning jobs are becoming an important aspect for most large companies, organizations and schools today. Finding event planning jobs might be difficult at times, but there is a big market for it. If you have the necessary skills and expertise for this sometimes demanding and always creative work it shouldn’t be too difficult.

How to Get Started:

A good beginning is to take courses at a hospitality school in order to learn the basics of events planning, the ins and outs of catering, hospitality management, plus the necessary etiquette. You can also get hands on experience by working in the hospitality industry or for an established event planning company.

Who to? Or where to find event planning jobs:

If you have recently started your own events planning business, you will want to consider advertising to help you find event planning jobs. As your successes accumulate so will your reputation grow, usually spread via word of mouth. Make a list of all your available options for advertising, such as your website, social media, local business organizations in your city and surrounding towns, the yellow pages, through friends, relatives and networking, etc.

Another place you will be able to look for event planning jobs is online. There are a good amount of sites online such as and to list just a few. Don’t just check under the ‘event planning jobs’ category either, broaden your search by looking under ‘hospitality’ as well, and you might end up with a lot more than you expected!

Companies will be looking at your organizational skills as well as your managerial skills, people skills and your temperament. A good event planner can keep cool under even the most stressful situations and still get the job done perfectly. Delegating efficiently is one of the keys to being a great event planner, and having an arsenal of experts you can call on for various tasks such as marketing, creative design, PR, decorating, catering etc. is crucial. Be sure to build up your network of these experts.

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