Work from Home Jobs Approved by the BBB

As 21st century economic models implode and take the traditional workforces with them, working from home has become extremely popular. Discouraged workers in droves are giving up looking for employment outside and instead heading into virtual reality to carve a piece of the future for themselves. However, with the rise in popularity come scams and swindlers galore, so it might be best to get work from home jobs approved by the BBB.

The Better Business Bureau deals with complaints about faulty set ups all the time, and takes special care to inform people on what to look out for. According to their estimates, the sad reality is that around 99% search results online for jobs at home are scams. They promise unwitting job hunters thousands of dollars a month, but in reality are nothing more than a pyramid scheme.

Safe Work from Home Jobs Approved by the BBB

There are some options out there today for just about anyone who can write, especially Americans, or English speaking people. These are honest trades that pay honest money and are work from home jobs that are in fact approved by the BBB.

  • Web Content Writing - Sites like and are great places to go that are extremely well regulated and legitimate. You simply make a profile and then begin searching for writing jobs. These can be anything from article and blog writing, to posting comments and composing reviews of online retail products. The pay is either by assignment or by hour, and everything is assured. It’s extremely hard to get scammed on these sites. Vertical sites not specifically job sites, yet where many people are contacted and hired as individuals, also abound: like
  • Ghostwriting - This is where a writer puts things together for someone else, gets paid, but doesn’t get credit for the writing itself. For example writing fitness articles for a famous trainer, but they publish it in their name as though they wrote it. Most often these days ghostwriting is done through the blogosphere. A writer is given excess to blogs, and then they go in and produce the web content as though they were the web masters, or those being represented by the site.
  • Ebook Publishing - This is perhaps one of the most popular work from home jobs approved by the BBB today. Self publishing ebooks takes time and tenacity, but no upfront costs. Everything can be self taught and done from home and the pay can be huge. However, getting to the point where an author is making big sums each month takes serious time and effort, but there is zero chance to be scammed. The writer is in complete control of everything, from composition to marketing.

Those were three examples are trustworthy and safe work from home jobs approved by the BBB. There are countless scams and schemes, but the truth is that through regulated and trusted sites, anyone can make money from the comfort of their living room in exchange for services, like writing for example. For most people that do web content writing, they can find themselves in a decent career situation after approximately a year of building clients, completing assignments, and logging hours.

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