Certification in Audio & Video Studies

Audio and video training certainly cannot be considered the easiest of fields. But, for those who have a knack for it, the learning process can magically flow like clockwork!

For the many people that are this type and are looking for the perfect opportunity to improve their knowledge and expand their skills, there has never been a more opportune time! Audio and video tools are used nowadays more then ever before. It follows that audio and video training is more accessible, well rounded, affordable and relevant then ever before.

There are many opportunities to get this training, with varied options for learning preferences. Do you prefer to learn at home, to study on your own time? Or do you do better in a school setting? Within most audio and video training courses you would have both traditional study methods as well as also the opportunity to learn in a sound studio, the basics of recording, mixing, signal flow and video editing and audio editing.

Courses available for audio and video training include videos, and online study material, group lessons, personal classes, exams, and finally a certificate! There are scores of accredited programs to choose from which will offer in depth courses and certification.

Some audio or video technicians studied and now specialize in a certain area. Consider which specific area you would specialize in. It is wise to think about these and other questions you may have before applying to an audio and video training program.

Some examples of specialized fields that you can become certified with audio and video training are Acoustics, Electronics, Studio Design and Mixing and Mastering. Also available as courses within audio and video training are the Process of Recording, Recording and Editing, Dialogue and Editing, Console Operation, Pro Tools, & Dynamic Range, among others.Ryu1chi Miwa

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