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Most people today share pictures and other media through social networking and sharing platforms such as Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, and Instagram. These are all decent ways to share, but for some they are not enough in the ways of customizability, ease of use, or quality of service. Thankfully, there are many photoblogging options today. Some of these can be quite complicated, but ZenPhoto is a great option for most people, which allows you to create image info full size ZenPhoto comment descriptions.

ZenPhoto is a free and open source CMS, or content management system. It is an online media gallery for photo-and other types of blogs that provides an amazing level of quality as well as customization. It is hailed as one of the simplest and easy to use yet powerful CMS' – simplicity is in the name itself. In order to use ZenPhoto and create image info full size ZenPhoto comment descriptions, you will need a web server with your own hosting package. An Apache server with PHP and MySQL are also required, as is an FTP upload client such as Filezilla for uploading media files.

ZenPhoto supports a large number of file formats: jpg, gif, png, mp3, mp4, m4v, m4a, fla, flv, mov, and 3gp. Individual items and albums of items can be dragged and dropped throughout the page, allowing you to easily reorganize your site. You can create image info full size ZenPhoto comment descriptions that include any information you want, unlike some other services. You can add html, tags, and RSS here.

There are many ways to protect your media once you have displayed it on your page. Automated spam bots and plagiarizers often take advantage of unprotected websites and photos, leaving annoying comments and stealing your work. You can add filters to your image info full size ZenPhoto comment descriptions to stop this, such as the popular Captcha system that will ensure that anyone leaving a comment on your page is a human. There are also built-in filters that will analyze the comment and block it if it is found to be spam. To protect your images, there are security measures that can block people from copying and saving the images from your site.

In addition to managing your media, ZenPhoto can also be used to manage your blog itself. You can create pages and subpages, and drag and drop them as you please. The built in news feed, which can be automatically updated, gives you a place to quickly and easily show off your latest work.

Multiple users are able to work on the same media blog site with this service. You can manage individual user permissions, user groups, and create individual password protections for your image info full size ZenPhoto comment descriptions.

One of the best things about ZenPhoto is that it is customizable. There are plenty of third-party add-ons that will help you with everything you need, including some things you didn't even know you need. These are especially useful for customizing the layout and design of your page, as well as filtering the viewers and comments made on your site. If you are up to the task, you can even write some code yourself to create your own modules and features within the program.

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