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How To, Who To, and More - The ABCs of Event Planning Jobs
Do you enjoy working with people? Are you an extremely well organized person? Are you good at planning, coordinating and handling logistics? Then it’s possible you could have an exciting career as an event planner. What does an event planner do exactly and where will you find event planning jobs?

First of all, event planning jobs are becoming an important aspect for most large companies, organizations and schools today. Finding event planning jobs might be difficult at times, but there is a big market for it. If you have the necessary skills and expertise for this sometimes demanding and always creative work it shouldn’t be too difficult.

How to Get Started:

A good beginning is to take courses at a hospitality school in order to learn the basics of events planning, the ins and outs of catering, hospitality management, plus the necessary etiquette. You can also get hands on experience by working in the hospitality industry or for an established event planning company.

Who to? Or where to find event planning jobs:

If you have recently started your own events planning business, you will want to consider advertising to help you find event planning jobs. As your successes accumulate so will your reputation grow, usually spread via word of mouth. Make a list of all your available options for advertising, such as your website, social media, local business organizations in your city and surrounding towns, the yellow pages, through friends, relatives and networking, etc.

Another place you will be able to look for event planning jobs is online. There are a good amount of sites online such as and to list just a few. Don’t just check under the ‘event planning jobs’ category either, broaden your search by looking under ‘hospitality’ as well, and you might end up with a lot more than you expected!

Companies will be looking at your organizational skills as well as your managerial skills, people skills and your temperament. A good event planner can keep cool under even the most stressful situations and still get the job done perfectly. Delegating efficiently is one of the keys to being a great event planner, and having an arsenal of experts you can call on for various tasks such as marketing, creative design, PR, decorating, catering etc. is crucial. Be sure to build up your network of these experts.

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Butterfly on Rock
Image Info Full Size Zenphoto Comment Descriptions
Most people today share pictures and other media through social networking and sharing platforms such as Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, and Instagram. These are all decent ways to share, but for some they are not enough in the ways of customizability, ease of use, or quality of service. Thankfully, there are many photoblogging options today. Some of these can be quite complicated, but ZenPhoto is a great option for most people, which allows you to create image info full size ZenPhoto comment descriptions.

ZenPhoto is a free and open source CMS, or content management system. It is an online media gallery for photo-and other types of blogs that provides an amazing level of quality as well as customization. It is hailed as one of the simplest and easy to use yet powerful CMS' – simplicity is in the name itself. In order to use ZenPhoto and create image info full size ZenPhoto comment descriptions, you will need a web server with your own hosting package. An Apache server with PHP and MySQL are also required, as is an FTP upload client such as Filezilla for uploading media files.

ZenPhoto supports a large number of file formats: jpg, gif, png, mp3, mp4, m4v, m4a, fla, flv, mov, and 3gp. Individual items and albums of items can be dragged and dropped throughout the page, allowing you to easily reorganize your site. You can create image info full size ZenPhoto comment descriptions that include any information you want, unlike some other services. You can add html, tags, and RSS here.

There are many ways to protect your media once you have displayed it on your page. Automated spam bots and plagiarizers often take advantage of unprotected websites and photos, leaving annoying comments and stealing your work. You can add filters to your image info full size ZenPhoto comment descriptions to stop this, such as the popular Captcha system that will ensure that anyone leaving a comment on your page is a human. There are also built-in filters that will analyze the comment and block it if it is found to be spam. To protect your images, there are security measures that can block people from copying and saving the images from your site.

In addition to managing your media, ZenPhoto can also be used to manage your blog itself. You can create pages and subpages, and drag and drop them as you please. The built in news feed, which can be automatically updated, gives you a place to quickly and easily show off your latest work.

Multiple users are able to work on the same media blog site with this service. You can manage individual user permissions, user groups, and create individual password protections for your image info full size ZenPhoto comment descriptions.

One of the best things about ZenPhoto is that it is customizable. There are plenty of third-party add-ons that will help you with everything you need, including some things you didn't even know you need. These are especially useful for customizing the layout and design of your page, as well as filtering the viewers and comments made on your site. If you are up to the task, you can even write some code yourself to create your own modules and features within the program.

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DB Cooper Comic
New DB Cooper Leads
Over 40 years ago, perhaps the most infamous skyjacking in American history took place over the skies of the west coast of America. A man known only as “D.B. Cooper” managed to hijack a Boeing 727 and apparently get away with $200,000 after parachuting out of the plane. He was never found. Last year, new DB Cooper leads were announced by the FBI, and their investigation continues to this day.

Apparently a credible tip came from a retired member of law enforcement. This officer had a contact who may have known the skyjacker, though the suspect has been deceased for 10 years. This won't stop the investigation, as new DB Cooper leads are still relevant to the FBI because they would like to finally be able to close the case.

The family of the suspect are cooperating with the investigation, and the FBI are examining the property of the deceased for fingerprint and DNA traces. They are hoping to match it with a DNA sample of DB Cooper taken from his tie, which he removed before parachuting. The FBI reports that there is not yet any proof that Cooper and the deceased suspect are the same person, yet there is much that is consistent between the two.

On November 24th, 1971, a man who identified himself as 'Dan Cooper' brought what looked like a bomb onto a Northwest Airlines flight from Portland, Oregon, to Seattle, Washington. He was described as a quiet man in his mid-40s, in a black raincoat, a business suit, white shirt, and black tie. During the flight, he handed a note to a flight attendant that said that he had a bomb and to cooperate with him. He demanded $200,000 in $20 bills, as well as four parachutes.

The plane landed in Seattle, where the passengers disembarked in exchange for the money and parachutes. Cooper stayed on board with the pilot, copilot, and a flight attendant, and ordered the plane to be flown to Mexico City. During the flight, Cooper strapped on a parachute, opened a rear door, and jumped out of the plane. They were over the Cascade Mountains in the Pacific Northwest, it was nighttime and storming. Many believe that Cooper could not have survived the fall, making new DB Cooper leads potentially misleading. It has been reported that not even a professional parachutist would have dared to make a jump at night during a rainstorm.

New DB Cooper leads have been suspect since the inception of the case, because there have been over 1000 potential suspects since the case was opened. Most of the tips have gone nowhere. However, this newest lead is intriguing, because the people involved have not been trying to get publicity and fame from their claim. In fact, quite the opposite; they did not come forward until after they were contacted by the FBI first.

At least six people have claimed to be Cooper on their deathbed, but the FBI has been able to prove that they are not valid suspects. New DB Cooper leads occasionally still turn up, as this is one legend that is not likely to be soon forgotten. For many people, it stands as the quintessential case of an ordinary guy “sticking it to the Man” and getting away scot-free. As far as the FBI is concerned, this case is worth wrapping up and they say they will pursue any promising leads, but they are more concerned with crimes that affect the public safety of people today.

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Teacher Teaching
Teaching Jobs Resource for the Best Engineering Schools
The engineering academic teacher today is faced with the challenge of training the next generation of engineering students to be better prepared for global grand challenges. Engineering initiatives such as those highlighted by the National Academy of Engineering in Washington, D.C. are helping to spark greater interest in bringing these concerns to the teaching environment. Getting students interested in engineering and engaged in the dialogue of an engineering entrepreneurship mindset through collaboration with researchers, policy makers, social scientists and humanities is a prerequisite, goal, and learning process.

With these critical challenges before the engineering academic teacher, teachers looking for positions at today’s best engineering schools need the expertise and interest to help students face these complex societal issues. Today’s engineering academic teacher will motivate students by helping them be preparing to expand technical literacy and also to help educate the public on the importance awareness of changes needed to make a better quality of life for all.

Engineering Academic Teacher Resource Guide:

For those in the engineering academic teacher profession that are in between or looking for key positions in the best engineering schools across the country, there are job resource guides. Academic Keys for Engineering posts for the academia with special focus on the disciplines of engineering, agriculture, business, health sciences, medicine and law to name a few.

The agency website posts jobs from more than 90% of the top universities from around the world, with over 2,800 universities who have or do post positions with them. The job postings are mainly targeted towards higher education teachers, according to their discipline, and regular mailings and e-fliers are sent. So for leading engineering schools as well as those looking for an engineering academic teacher position, Academic Keys for Engineering targets a well represented community of professionals.

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Spam Mail Picture
Very Nice Post, I certainly Love this Website Keep on it (Recognizing the Voice of Spam)
The blogosphere has blown up, not only as a good means of communication, but as a powerful marketing strategy as well. Unfortunately, since the early part of the 21st century, spammers have been coming up with increasingly annoying means to try and get their sites to rank on major search engines.

If you have done any ring time on the blogosphere, you already recognize the title “Very nice post I certainly love this website keep on it.” This is a statement that many bloggers find filling up their inboxes no matter what they do. (If I had a dime for every one of these...) In fact, some companies actually outsource the spamming as a job throughout parts of Asia. They’re paid per accepted comment, but because they have to move such high volume per hour, they never take the time to read the post. Instead, they endlessly type generic things like (you guessed it), “Very nice post, I certainly love this website...”

Ranking Means Everything

Major search engines are becoming the most dominating force in the digital world, and ranking means everything, even when it comes to commercial online distributors. Companies will spare no expense, some cutting every corner possible, just to inch up the page hoping for more clicks and sales.

As outbound marketing has become less popular on the web, the spam comments aren’t working as well anymore. Programs to block these types of unwanted comments are popping up all the time, almost forcing spammers to actually (God forbid) read the article, and then comment appropriately.

Of course, what spammers and the people who pay them are really after is a physical link, a backlink to their site which gives them more credence in the eyes of Google or Bing search engines.

Here are three reasons why generic blog commenting is bad:

  1. Major search engines like Google are really beginning to crack down on bad or spammy links. For bloggers this could actually mean that their sites get penalized for having spam on their site, and even if the link is left sitting, it could look spammy enough to induce a penalty to the receiving site that actually paid for it.

  2. When people are browsing the net, spammy links under an article or blog show a lack of professionalism, and also a lack of moderation. Neither goes over well, and both reduce the effectiveness of blogs. The presence of spam tells people that there is no one taking care of the site or blog and cleaning away the unwanted digital debris.

  3. With comment spam, readers tend to lose faith and drop away. Additionally, they will be far less likely to comment themselves, not wanted to be seen in the midst of spam.

What Do Spam Comments Look Like?

Take the title example, “Very nice post, I certainly love this website, keep on it.” It is general enough to fit anywhere and on any site; there’s no specificity. Spam comments try to sound legitimate without mentioning anything about the actual content of the blog or article, because the poster is not reading before commenting. In fact, often times it could be an automated process.

They think if they play by the numbers and spam enough comments like these, a few comments will make it through. The best thing for any blogger is to get protective software, or take the time to occasionally rid the sites of all generic comments and unwanted spam.

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