WIFI Security Breach?
Can Other People See Where You go if You use WIFI?
Along with new hi-tech advancements comes a price of personal liberty. For example, consumers wonder to themselves, “Can other people see where you go if you use Wifi?” From pre-crime technologies making their appearance in New York, to big-brother legislation passing through on Capitol Hill, modern individuals of the western world are increasingly concerned with their privacy; and they should be.

A Two-Pronged Attack

Instead of asking oneself, “Can other people see where you go if you use Wifi?” perhaps it would be more beneficial to understand the scope of intrusion into personal online lives. It isn’t only governments that are clamping down on increasingly unhappy populations, but the commercial industry as well. Projections show that nearly a third of the human population will be surfing the net inside the next five years or so. This means that consumer behavior must be watched, catalogued, referenced, and studied to the highest degree. Onl...

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Makeup Brush
What You Should Know to Start a Cosmetology Business
Opening your own beauty salon and starting a new cosmetology school are two different businesses. Regardless of which business you consider, professional cosmetology financial advice and a 3 year business plan should be the first ‘must haves’ as an entrepreneur.

As entrepreneur starting a new salon or cosmetology business, consider that, besides your business advisor and cosmetology financial advice, you will need:

  • Paperwork: A new salon requires permits, get all your paperwork completed. You will need your business establishment license, resale permit, building plans, plus your beauticians need to be licensed
  • Team: Know what kind of team you want, talk to your potential team and share your vision. Work out with your stylists whether they will work on commission or rent their chairs.
  • Location: Find the right location; choose decor and design that will attract the clientele you want.
  • Business and Finances: Business management such as ...

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Woman Periscope Training
Receive Training in Career Development
What is career development? And what makes career development majors useful choices of study? Withinpersonal development, career development refers to the evolution or development of a career, informed by experience, success, and educational achievement. Also, to the collection of sociological, physiological, physical, educational, economic factors, and factors of chance that merge to affect the nature and meaning of work in the lifespan of any person.

Career development majors will involve learning about one’s creation of a career pattern, how one expresses one’s values, how one views themselves in relation to their life’s role, and one’s style of decision making.

As a division of organizational development, career development majors explore how people manage their careers between and within organizations. It also explores the structure which organizations use to chart career progress with their members; both as it relates to personal development and as it relate...

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Customer Service Award
Top Ten Tips for Winning Customer Service
Your business is really all about people. If you think other than that, try altering your perspective a few degrees. Business isn’t only about the products or services being sold, it’s about people. Keeping that in mind is the best starting point to improve customer service.

pclass="MsoNormal" style="line-height: normal;">Begin by appreciating your customer service employees. Caring about your employee is the first rule of thumb for business executives and managers, but sadly often overlooked. People work much better when they are appreciated for the hard work they do. Your attitude will be transferred to your employees and in turn to your customers.

The ten effective tips to improve customer service:

  1. To improve customer service it all begins with a positive attitude. When your attitude is cheerful and you view things positively you will have a lot better chance of helping to sooth and solve the customer’s complaint or problem.
  2. Put your custo...

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Scrabble IRS Words
Where is my IRS Refund?
The Internal Revenue Service, or the IRS, has seen their share of delays during 2012. Several delays impacted early tax return respondents in January. These delays placed early respondent taxpayers with the cold hard reality of direct deposit refunds taking an additional two to eight weeks for arrival in bank accounts. Further delays were seen in early February when tax preparation companies found they did not have update paperwork for certain filing situations, such as independent contractors, education credits and small business owners.

Eventually, most taxpayers did receive their refunds. The problem is that some taxpayers still have not seen their refunds, and they may be getting few answers as to why. If your question is where is my IRS refund, then you are not alone. Here are a few ways to get your refund or at least get the answers to finding out where your refund is located.

Online Refund Status

The IRS has developed a website specifically to help answer t...

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Motivation Words
Tips for Motivational Life Coaching
Life coaching has come to the foreground as an industry in recent years. Its purpose is to help draw out a person’s potential and realize how much is already within them. The aim is not so much to teach or train, but to help your client realize and reflect on what is already theirs. It can be useful to help individuals find their career path, or determine personal goals. Life coaching requires a tremendous amount of empathy as you seek to see your client as they see themselves, and then to help them understand themselves more completely.

It goes without saying that one of the most essential qualities of a good coach is the ability to listen. Life coaching will require you to be able to empty your mind of your own needs, thoughts and desires, and be able to devote your attention to the thoughts, emotions and needs your client is communicating. Especially when you embark on your first life coaching tries, you probably want to get some assessment of your listening skills.


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Man Working from home
Work from Home Jobs Approved by the BBB
As 21st century economic models implode and take the traditional workforces with them, working from home has become extremely popular. Discouraged workers in droves are giving up looking for employment outside and instead heading into virtual reality to carve a piece of the future for themselves. However, with the rise in popularity come scams and swindlers galore, so it might be best to get work from home jobs approved by the BBB.

The Better Business Bureau deals with complaints about faulty set ups all the time, and takes special care to inform people on what to look out for. According to their estimates, the sad reality is that around 99% search results online for jobs at home are scams. They promise unwitting job hunters thousands of dollars a month, but in reality are nothing more than a pyramid scheme.

Safe Work from Home Jobs Approved by the BBB

There are some options out there today for just about anyone who can write, especially A...

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Podcast Software Sandisk
While SanDisk may not be as well known as say Apple, Amazon, or Microsoft, it is in fact at the forefront of the technological revolution. The Podcast SanDisk takes full advantage of the pushes in flash memory storage. Mobile Technology has taken the first world by storm, and from small town USA to Belgium, consumers are checking their email, watching podcasts, listening to music, or playing games on their handheld gadgetry. SanDisk has been a part of this digital lifestyle for a quarter of a century.

The Rise of Podcast Software

Society is in an uproar, and communication has become more important than ever before. A totalitarian shadow is casting itself across the Eurozone and America, while rebellions stir the Middle East. The fact is that citizen journalism wouldn’t be what it is without Podcast Software like the SanDisk. The blogosphere in connection with social media networks circulates data between hundreds of millions of people worldwide. What wou...

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