Easy Steps to Learning Computer Software Basics

With all the software programs produced by leading companies over the years, it’s hard to keep up with the variety of programs that might be installed or offered as trial versions on your PC. It might even be a year or more before some users will get around to finally actually using a previously installed software program and by that time they need a tutorial. The good news is that there are a few computer software basics companies available online which offer tutorials for most of the major software programs.

If you’re looking for computer software basics tutorials for Apple, Adobe, Corel, Auto CAD, Microsoft, Dreamweaver, Linux, Photoshop or Macromedia to name just a few of the main ones, you will find them listed online. Annual membership is offered for a fee, but the tutorials are instantly available either for download or on DVD.

And the best news, if you’re not a native English speaker and prefer to learn in your mother tongue, the computer software basics tutorials have just crossed over the boundary to include French and Spanish translations as well. That means you can now find MOST of the main computer software basics tutorials in these two additional languages.

Three of the online companies that are bringing computer software basics tutorials to customers are Simon Sez IT at www.simonsezit.com; VTC with locations in U.S., UK & Europe, Africa & Australia, www.vtc.com; and Marrutt Software Training in UK and NY, www.softwaretrainingtutorials.com

Aside from these, there are additional online resources where you can access free online training for computer software basics. One website that has a wider selection of various software program training is Education Online for Computers. Their web presence is www.educationonlineforcomputers.com . And for those who prefer, all the colleges, universities as well as community colleges offer courses in computer software training.

Youtube is a great resource for learning computer software basics as well. Do a search in Youtube on the specifics of what you want to learn, and you will find plenty of great teachers out there that have posted videos on that topic for you to watch. You can also do a search engine search for the software you are trying to learn, and you will find a lot of forums with great technical help as well as links to forum contributor’s websites and blogs that have much more detailed help on the topic as well. Finally, ITT and University of Phoenix are always great places to look for classes and degrees in computers and IT.

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