An Overview of Today's Real Estate

Becoming a successful real estate developer is the motivation of many entrepreneurs and business people. It’s no secret that scores of people have made a fortune by buying and selling real estate. With today’s economic challenges new questions face those who are thinking about real estate investment and flipping. For aspiring entrepreneurs who want to become a real estate developer it will be very important to be aware of current trends.

Overview of 2011 Real Estate Market Trends:

Since being a real estate developer is a very serious business which involves large amounts of cash, it begins with cash a person has saved and that becomes the foundation of their investment. Let’s look at some of the factors affecting today’s market.

Negative factors:

  • The national and international economy

  • The wealthy (those on the high end) as opposed to the people who have gainful employment (low end). Therefore, the people who are not employed or who earn low wages, won’t be on the market for buying a house.

  • Interest rates are on the increase.

  • Supply and demand – For the real estate developer, if there’s a limited demand it will bring down the housing prices. Therefore, today’s economy can be a negative factor in real estate sales.

Positive factors:

  • Confidence among consumers is still good and owners of real estate are used to fluctuating markets, such as peak periods and slow downs. A down market therefore can be a good time for a real estate developer to buy and flip; making a nice profit.

  • Housing prices have gone down enough and there is demand by sellers and bank or lender owned property.

For today’s aspiring real estate developer they should begin by being very aware of current trends and forecasts. Frugality, which is now one of the new buyer trends, includes house size, furnishings, and home appliances. The smart real estate developer and entrepreneur will do his or her research to find the least risky avenue to pursue.

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