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The engineering academic teacher today is faced with the challenge of training the next generation of engineering students to be better prepared for global grand challenges. Engineering initiatives such as those highlighted by the National Academy of Engineering in Washington, D.C. are helping to spark greater interest in bringing these concerns to the teaching environment. Getting students interested in engineering and engaged in the dialogue of an engineering entrepreneurship mindset through collaboration with researchers, policy makers, social scientists and humanities is a prerequisite, goal, and learning process.

With these critical challenges before the engineering academic teacher, teachers looking for positions at today’s best engineering schools need the expertise and interest to help students face these complex societal issues. Today’s engineering academic teacher will motivate students by helping them be preparing to expand technical literacy and also to help educate the public on the importance awareness of changes needed to make a better quality of life for all.

Engineering Academic Teacher Resource Guide:

For those in the engineering academic teacher profession that are in between or looking for key positions in the best engineering schools across the country, there are job resource guides. Academic Keys for Engineering posts for the academia with special focus on the disciplines of engineering, agriculture, business, health sciences, medicine and law to name a few.

The agency website posts jobs from more than 90% of the top universities from around the world, with over 2,800 universities who have or do post positions with them. The job postings are mainly targeted towards higher education teachers, according to their discipline, and regular mailings and e-fliers are sent. So for leading engineering schools as well as those looking for an engineering academic teacher position, Academic Keys for Engineering targets a well represented community of professionals.

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